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Author Topic: 10. - 11.12.10 Estonia, neofolk/dark folk/industrial festival DARKLAND FIRE  (Read 2415 times)
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« on: October 23, 2010, 06:00:02 PM »

10. - 11.12. 2010
neofolk/dark folk/industrial  festival   DARKLAND FIRE
at Rakvere Rahvamaja (in the same house as Rakvere Theatre, Kreutzwaldi 2, Rakvere, Estonia)

Sieben (GB), :Of The Wand And The Moon: (DK), Job Karma (PL), Gerechtigkeits Liga (DE), Flint Glass (FR), Solblot (SE),  Against The Day (EE)

Darkland Fire, the festival of neofolk/dark folk /industrial music, offers a concert program of cinematographic music on two nights after the movies shown during the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Program in Rakvere.
Seven bands from seven countries take the stage on the two nights, offering a visual experience in the form of videos in addition to musical treat.  Events of  neofolk, dark folk and industrial music take place in most Central European countries, but in Estonia Darkland Fire is the first festival of such musical styles. There is no quite similar festival in neighbouring countries either, so Darkland Fire creates a unique opportunity to see and hear those artists in this region.

10/12/2010 industrial night

JOB KARMA (Poland) /cinematic transambient/postindustrial/
(http://jobkarma.pl/, http://www.myspace.com/jobkarma)
Job Karma  combines the analogue and digital sounds of electronic instruments with trancelike rhythms.  In their performances they present not only music but also high level animations. Through their music and carefully selected and prepared imagery and videos they seek to deal with the dysfunctional elements of contemporary civilization, the looming war and annihilation, the inimical political and religious system and the slow decline of all values due to the progressive commercialisation of the day-to-day life of an individual and society.
The members of Job Karma also lead the association Industrial Art that organises the annual Wroclaw Industrial Festival that has made Wroclaw a major centre of industrial culture. Wroclaw Industrial Festival is a partner festival of Darkland Fire.
Job Karma will also feature Matt Howden/Sieben, who will give his festival concert next day.

GERECHTIGKEITS LIGA (Germany) /old school industrial/
Gerechtigkeits Liga was formed in Germany in 1981 and is a pathfinder of industrial music alongside Einstürzende Neubauten that started at the same period.  Throughout the 1980s  GL produced music, films and videos. Their multimedia performances took place all over Europe and North America. In the 1990s the band took a break and restarted at the turn of the Millennium.  The band is now based in Berlin and London, releases new material and performs at various festivals all over Europe. The audience of  Darkland Fire will have the opportunity to see and hear Gerechtigkeits Liga as an authentic performer of old school industrial.

FLINT GLASS (France) /cinematic dark electronica/
(http://flintglass.free.fr, www.myspace.com/flintglass)
Flint Glass is the one man project of the Parisian Gwenn Tremorin that has attracted the critics' attention for its innovative sounds. It is already in the essence of Flint Glass music to create film like memory flashes and it is quite clear that fairly soon the music of the project will enhance the soundtrack of a great important movie. Flint Glass' music is a witty mixture of  the 1990s ambient, intelligent dance music (IDM), tribal and industrial rhythmic noise.  The music  is recognisably influenced by Gwenn's favourite literature,  like the work of Howard P. Lovecraft. Flint Glass has played numerous live gigs all around Europe, both at festivals and at some famous clubs.
Besides being a musician and producer, Gwenn is also a founder of the record company Brume Records that has focused primarily on releasing cinematic experimental electronic music.

AGAINST THE DAY (Estonia) /drone ambient/
The Darkland Fire Festival will present the very first public performance of Against The Day, a solo project of Margo "Marx" Rindemaa, the bass and guitar player of the Estonian band Pedigree. His drone  ambient soundscapes are combined with video art. Against The Day will also feature a guest vocalist -  Mauno Meesit (Sinine), who is known for his inspired performances.

11/12/2010 neofolk/dark folk night

SIEBEN (UK)  /neofolk/neoclassical/
(www.matthowden.com/sieben, www.myspace.com/matthowden7 )
A man, his violin, his voice and a loop pedal.  Sieben is the best known project of the musician, songwriter, composer, music teacher and producer Matt Howden. He plucks the violin, bows it, drums on various parts of it, and sometimes even sings into it. He starts with simple melodies and keeps adding new layers by using a loop pedal. His fascinating performances draw the audience into a hypnotic world of emotion, making him a desired artist at major dark music festivals all over Europe.  His music and performance are especially impressive at smaller club concerts, like it will be in Rakvere.
Sieben has released nine albums, the latest - Star Wood Brick Firmamen –  came out in late May, 2010.
Matt Howden/Sieben has been a collaborator with  The Raindogs (Portugal), Sol Invictus (UK), Tony Wakeford (UK), L’Orchestra Noir (UK), L’Ame Immortelle (AT), Emilie Autumn (USA), Faith & The Muse (USA), :Of The Wand And The Moon: (DK), Larsen (IT), Chris Eckman (USA), Spiritual Front (IT), Shock Headed Peters (UK), Hekate (DE), Job Karma (PL), The Mystery School (USA) HaWthorn (UK) and many others.

:OF THE WAND AND THE MOON: (Denmark) /neofolk/dark folk/
(www.ofthewandandthemoon.dk, www.myspace.com/ofthewandandthemoon)
Danish based :Of The Wand And The Moon: is one of the flagships of dark folk, being itself strongly influnced by early dark folk acts. The creation of :OTWATM: is electroacoustic folk in its best presentation – with memorable melodies, romantic and melancholic, yet deep and vigorous. Pagan and runic themes have a prominent role in the music, artwork and lyrics of the band. Some of major themes are honour, dignity, kinship, nature, magic and mysticism that are well brought forth by the cool deep voice of Kim Larsen, the singer, leader and song writer of the band, who likes to work with other musicians and bands both on his albums and at his concert performances. The band's fourth album Sonnenheim, released in 2005, met to positive critical and fan reviews alike, marking the project as one of the major groups within its genre. The album further showcased themes of Germanic paganism, as exemplified by the title track "Nighttime in Sonnenheim" and introduced a more extroverted and thematically martial side of the project, with considerably less focus on the romantic love songs that had previously been hallmarks of the band's material.

SOLBLOT (Sweden) /experimental folk/
(www.solblot.se, www.myspace.com/solblot )
The music of Solblot is based on the North European folk tradition, spiced with some experimental elements. The instruments they use are mainly acoustic guitar, accordion and different kinds of percussion, but also other acoustic instruments. They are great friends with the musicians of :Of The Wand And The Moon:, sharing often the stage and band members at concerts and having at some point jointly performed  under the name Månblot. Solblot gave a memorable performance at Wave Gotik Treffen 2009 in Leipzig, where they played in the Heathen Village on a soft early summer evening. A cosy gig can also be expected in Rakvere, where members of :Of The Wand And The Moon: will take the stage together with Solblot.

Darkland Fire is the special cinematogrpahic music program of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival Program in Rakvere (Rakvere PÖFF).  Film lovers can see the film program of Rakvere PÖFF on both festival days before the concerts. Further information on Rakvere PÖFF is available from mid-November.

Doors at 8 p.m.


till 9/12/2010 a two-night ticket at Piletilevi sales points and internet website http://www.piletilevi.ee/fin/liput/festival/?concert=74148
or e-ticket by bank transfer 395 EEK / 25,3 EUR
10/12/2010 a two-night ticket at Piletilevi sales points and internet website http://www.piletilevi.ee/fin/liput/festival/?concert=74148 500 EEK / 32 EUR

The e-ticket will grant entrance on both nights. Further information for purchase of an e-ticket  at the email address darklandfire@gmail.com

During the festival and at door   a two-night ticket 500 EEK / 32 EUR
               an one-night ticket 300 EEK / 20 EUR

The festival website: darklandfire.darknation.eu
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