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Author Topic: HOMF SALE! BUY 2, GET 1 FREE!  (Read 2220 times)
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« on: October 03, 2010, 03:29:54 AM »

Since I don't have enough loot to buy blanks, I am having a big ol' sale!

Buy any 2 items from the label or distro and get one free! (Free item must be of equal or lesser value)

Please give me your money so i can release these two bad-boys:
HOMF008 - SMOKE "Haze" c47 (Raw black metal noise from Netherlands!)
HOMF009 - RAKUS / EXACERBACION split c14 (raw grindcore from Malaysia / Pakistan faces off with noisegrind from Costa Rica!)


HOMF005 - TxQxB "Spontaneousdeath!" c10 - $5ppd
HOMF006 - TORBA / DOTÅBÅTÅ split c31 - $6ppd
HOMF007 - THE BLACKMOOR STRANGLER "The Mark of M" c80 - $6ppd

Distro stuff:

Lord Green  - s/t - $5ppd
Gem of Skin / Oubliette - $5ppd
Infanticidio / Kuuaf - $5ppd
Carne Humana - "Intracorporal Exposicion" - $5ppd
Cakewet / Yattai - $5ppd
Face of Death - "Demo" - $5ppd
"Class War" - We Are Empire / Goat Smear / Student Loans - $5ppd
Meconium - "I heart Rube/Any multiple of seven" - $5ppd
Charles Bascomb / MB10 - $5ppd
Napalm Jesus / MB10 - $5ppd
Gorgonized Dorks / THC Eradicus - $5ppd
The Pissdeads / THC Eradicus - $5ppd
Bucket of Piss / Hypnoalergenic Dongblossom - $5ppd
Closed Off / Biological Species Concept - $5ppd
Sarkofacho CRSS 88 / THC Eradicus - $5ppd
Panzer Division Schnauzer - "Demo 1: Spaghetti Beard Gangbang" - $5ppd
Gorgonized Dorks / Harsh Supplement - $6ppd
Uton - "Attack of the Aesther Sun" - $6ppd
Deadly Carnage - "Decadenza" - $5ppd
Soviet Samurai / Shitfuckingshit - $5ppd
Progetto: Chaosgoat666 - "Cosmic Eraser of Lifeforms" - $5ppd
Smoke Rings - "S/T" - $5ppd
Smoke - "Celebration of Elder Spirits" - $5ppd
The Dead Musician - "Mind Liberation for Canadians" - $5ppd
Gorgonized Dorks / Black Bridge - $5ppd
Logs "Demo" - $3ppd
Richard Ramirez / Churner (Double Cassette!) - $9ppd
Bruital Orgasm / Orgasm Denial collaboration split - $7ppd
Kusari Gama Kill / THC Eradicus - $5ppd
----(---)---- / Rheamaotope / Eat Rust / Callisto and the Morlocks - $4ppd
B. Demante and Chrome Piston / Artsehcro Ytic Llams - $4ppd
THC Eradicus / Hypnoallergenic Dongblossom "The Marijuana Conspiracy" - $5ppd
Nicaragua "Heartless Days, Headless Nights" - $4ppd
Burnt To Perfection "Fried / Grilled" - $5ppd
Wormhead "Untitled" - $5ppd
Paregorik "Evening Irritant" - $5ppd
Paregorik "Recycled" - $8ppd
Pissdeads "Create Your Own Hate" - $7ppd
Nundata "Entropy" - $6ppd
ADR "Circling" - $6ppd
Wage Garnisher / Disleksick - $7ppd
SMG / Wage Garnisher - $7ppd
Torturing Nurse / Wormhead / Paregorik - $7ppd
Rez Epo / Mauskopf - $7ppd
Sensible Nectar "Catholycyst" - $7ppd
Annna / Rez Epo - $7ppd
Churner "Acidic Afterglow" - $6ppd
Torturing Nurse / assholemouthead "brain de-grader" - $7ppd
Schtern S/T - $7ppd
ULTRA9000 / Dotåbåtå - $8ppd
Vilphagr S/T - $7ppd
Izanami's Labour Pains "The Life and Demise of Yoshiko Kawashima" - $7ppd
A Disco For Ferns "What's the Sound...of Proper Flow?" - $5ppd
Where Is This / Werewolf Jerusalem - $7ppd
Martial God Mask "Death's Head" - $7ppd
Corpse Candle "Swamp Curse" - $6ppd
Cogs and Sprockets "Temporary Aid in the Uncureable Sickness of the Mind" - $5ppd
Cogs and Sprockets "Human Error" - $6ppd
Children Egoism / Ecoute La Merde - $5ppd
Torturing Nurse / Hostage Pageant - $6ppd
Al Qaeda / Dried Up Corpse - $6ppd
Facialmess "Not Worth It" - $6ppd
Boar "Teen Cribs" - $6ppd
Party By The Slice "Pizza's Not Dead" - $6ppd

Bastardass / All Gone Dead - $5ppd
They Live "Blurred" - $5ppd
Mosquito Bandito "Stay" $4ppd
Calabi Yau "The Elitist" - $4ppd
Antilles / Trifle Tower - $4ppd
Titanarum "Spastis Progressivus Aggressiorum" - $3ppd (sleeve is kinda jacked up, record is fine, comes w/ CD of 7")
The Spawn of Satan / Evil Angel - $4ppd
Saul Turteltaub / Slapendehonden (CLEAR VINYL) - $6ppd
Carrion Crawler / Ptarmigan - $4ppd
Blood Coven "True Fucking Metal" - $4ppd
Blood Brothers "Metronomes" (2x7") - $9ppd
A Voice Like Rhetoric / Outclassed (Grey Vinyl) - $5ppd
Wolf and Cub / Fuiguirnet - $4ppd
Knifethruhead - "Master-Piece" (Grey Vinyl) - $6ppd
El Nudo - "Rudos Del El Nudo" (Blue/Black Vinyl) - $5ppd
Permanent Trip - "Losing Ground / Divider" - $5ppd
Public Execution / Dana Sixty and the Pistol Grips (Green Vinyl) - $5ppd
T.S.O.L. - "Weathered Statues" (original press: record = mint, sleeve = NM) - $14ppd
The Oath - S/T - $7ppd
The Makai / Attack of the Mad Axemen - $5ppd
Endwarfment - "World Downsfall" (Half Grey Half Black Vinyl) - $6ppd
Black Market Fetus / Bodies Lay Broken - $5ppd
Filth - "Live the Chaos" (Original Press w/ insert: everything  M) - $10ppd
Mothman - "Poison Arm" - $6ppd
Momento Mori - "Casa Auto Lavoro Tanto Domani Murori" - $7ppd
2 Minute Dreka / Iron Butter - $7ppd
Meat Slicer "All Will Be Revealed" (Trans. Maroon Vinyl) - $6ppd
V/A "I'm Going Ape #2" (CSMD/Gorgonized Dorks/Straight Edge Kegger/N.O.Y.F.B.) - $7ppd
V/A "I'm Going Ape #3" (Intumescence/Yesmeansyes/Deche-Charge/Rotgut) (Clear Vinyl)- $7ppd
Fake Out / Female Snake - $5ppd
Sabertooth Snatch "Project Sherm" (Grey Vinyl) - $5ppd
Line of Fire "As The World Burns" (Trans. Yellow Vinyl) - $5ppd
Conflict Resolution "American Internment" (Blue Vinyl)
Capitalist Casualties / Lack of Interest (comes with Short, Fast, & Loud zine #23: Interviews w/ Hummingbird of Death, P.L.F., and Damage Digital) - $8ppd
V/A "Compilation" (Same Aliens, Gershwin & Fire, T.N.I., Mr Carcaille, Michel Platinium, Baygon Vert, Schtern, and Headwar) - $7ppd
Charogne Stone "Mr Et Mme Stone Ont Une Fille" - $7ppd

Antiseen - "Raw Shit" (White Vinyl) - $13ppd
Since By Man - "We Sing The Body Electric" - $8ppd
The Chinese Stars - "Listen To Your Left Brain" - $10ppd
The Chinese Stars - "A Rare Sensation" - $10ppd
Divider - "At Twilight" (Multi-Colored Vinyl) - $10ppd
V/A - Heartattack #10 (Original Yellow Vinyl with Insert) - $16ppd

3" CDs:
Prior of Scorn "Demo MMIX" - $3ppd

(Note: I'm not a big CD guy.  Most, but not all, of these are CDs i didn't like/want)

Dental Work / Evil Robot Ted CDr - $3ppd
Sale Sangre / Fortress of Victory split CD - $7ppd
2nd Class Citizens "No One is Safe" CD - $4ppd
Odd Zero S/T - $4ppd
Manias (aka Sale Sangre) "Vivisection" CD - $7ppd
What We Feel / Devil Shoot Devil CD - $4ppd
Burial Ground "New Era is Coming..." CD - $3ppd
Manias (aka Sale Sangre) "...And Blood Soaked the World" CD - $5ppd
The Returners "Love Like Suicide" CD - $3ppd
Forest of Shadows "Six Waves of Woe" CDr - $2ppd
v/a "Unity and Strength" CDr - $2ppd
The Unit Breed "Hello Sweet Nothings" CDr - $2ppd
Avskum "Uppror Underifran" CDr - $3ppd
Robert Delirio "Digital-core" CDr - $2ppd
Zombie Battle Axe "...Now You Are Dead" - $2ppd
Cervix "In The Red Night, A Roar...Slowly, A Chant Began" CDr - $3ppd
Dance of Days "Demo" CDr - $1ppd
Calabi Yau "Ipso Facto Eo Ipso" CDr - $2ppd
Xanbot CDr - $3ppd
Deadly Nightshade "Demo" CDr - $2ppd
Have Your Say "What's Happened to the Youth?" CDr - $1ppd
Outclassed "Demo" CDr - $2ppd
Japandi "Demo" CDr - $1ppd
The Cavities "Demo 2005" CDr - $1ppd
The Knaves "Demo" CDr - $1ppd
Baxter Kid Disaster "Cheap Ass CD" CDr - $1ppd
Dance of Days CDr - $2ppd
Schnauzer "Total Lunatic" CDr - $2ppd
Coffin Dancer "Pax Romana" CDr - $3ppd
The Scenery For Now "Demo" CDr - $2ppd
Swing By Seven "Demo" CDr - $2ppd
Dental Work "Ape Bile" CDr - $3ppd
Dental Work / Kinky Cinch split CDr - $3ppd
Richard Hell "Go Now" CD - $5ppd
Back When "We Sang As Ghosts" CD - $5ppd
The Lake Effect: A Four Way Split CD (Cocovado / Man At Arms / Spit for Athena / The Sea The Sea) - $5ppd
Spirit on the Stairway "...Life As" CD - $4ppd
Quantice Never Crashed S/T CD - $5ppd
Four Scene, One Family split CD (Colin of Arabia / In Search Of... / Blood Stands Still / Stop This Fall) - $5ppd
Inspector Owl "Life Finds A Way" CD - $5ppd
Hacksaw to the Throat "Wastelands" CD - $5ppd
Phoenix Bodies / Enkephalin split CD - $4ppd
Mahi Mahi "(Re)Move Your Body" CD - $4ppd
The Taste of Silver "Eight Hundreds Mountains, Eight Hundred Messages" CD - $5ppd
Divider "At Twilight" CD - $5ppd
Dance Club Massacre "Feast of the Blood Monsters" CD - $5ppd
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium "Pussymist" CD - $5ppd
The Taste of Silver / Raising Kubrick split CD - $5ppd
Back When "Celebration of Alceste" CD - $4ppd
Scouts Honor "Roots in Gasoline" CD - $3ppd
WELUVPOT "Full Onion Vol.2" CDr - $3ppd
Dingus / WELUVPOT pro-CDr - $3ppd
Dan Webb and the Spiders - "S/T" CD - $3ppd
Seclusion - "Skies Veiled in Black" CD - $4ppd
Vaka - "Kappa Delta Phi" CD - $2ppd
Chaos Through Programming - "Books About the Internet" CDr - $2ppd
Al-Thawra / Winters in Osaka - "Wasteland" Collaboration CD - $4ppd
Iron Bitchface - "Kitten Apocalypse" CDr - $3ppd
Necrocannabalistic Vomitorium / Pissed Cunt / Formaldehyde / Warsore - "4 Reasons To Say "FUCK YOU!"" CD - $6ppd
Teutoburg Forest - "Cho Ab Ordo" CD - $5ppd
Baby Daddy - "Hungry Hungry Nipple" CDr - $2ppd
Scissor Shock - "Rarities 2003-2008" CDr - $3ppd
Wake The Machines "Demo" CDr - $3ppd

Big Whoop #1 - Interviews with A Beautiful Lotus, Adai, Loaded For Bear, and photospread of Holy Shit!  Also columns, reviews. 38 pages - $2ppd
Big Whoop #2 - Interviews with Mosquito Bandito, Jay Reatard, The Sw!ms, Kill Me Tomorrow, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, and photospread of The Goddamn Gallows.  Also columns, reviews. 66 pages - $3ppd
Big Whoop! #3 - Interviews with Soundo Maso Records, Mans., Black Hell, 7000 Dying Rats, and Kindergarten Hazing Ritual.  Also columns and reviews. 90 pages! - $4ppd
Big Whoop! #4 - Interviews with The Mathematicians, Oubliette, Load of Noise fanzine, and Hummingbird of Death!  Some columns! A metric shitload of reviews!  114 pages - $5ppd
Drunk Nach Osten #2 - Interviews with Human Error, Defect in Industry zine, Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Critica Radicala.  Scene reports.  All focused on Eastern Europe.  Comes w/ CDr - $5ppd
Blue Pages #? - Short stories, funny articles, etc. - $2ppd
Stapesaw #1 - Interviews, rants, and reviews involving powerviolence, hardcore, grind, noise, power electronics, noisecore, etc. Made in UK - $2ppd

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« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2010, 06:36:19 AM »

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« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2010, 10:45:34 PM »

This sale will be ending when the 2 new tapes on HOMF come out, which means a week or less.
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