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Author Topic: Old Captain Discogs & Mailorder  (Read 1152 times)
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Olegh Kolyada
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« on: March 20, 2017, 03:20:10 PM »




Contact Info:
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« Reply #1 on: March 09, 2018, 02:58:27 PM »

Recommended seller!! great communication, arrived in good time and service and product excellent.

My book of poetry: http://www.histergrant.com/
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« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2018, 11:14:25 PM »

Very good seller indeed.
Olegh Kolyada
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« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2018, 10:38:14 AM »

Updated mailorder:

Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/seller/Old_Captain/profile
Bandcamp: https://oldcaptain.bandcamp.com/

A few Old Captain bundles available:

Other labels bundles:
Malignant Records (18 releases: 17 CDs + 1 2LP = 150,- USD shipping included worldwide)
The Vomit Arsonist Meditations On Giving Up Completely ‎(CD, Album) TumorCD106 2017
Nordvargr The Secret Barbarous Names ‎(CD, EP, RE) TUMORCD102 2017
Human Larvae Behind Blinding Light ‎(CD, Album)   TumorCD100 2016
Gnawed Pestilence Beholden ‎(CD, Album) TUMORCD97   2016
Steel Hook Prostheses Calm Morbidity ‎(CD, Album) TumorCD96 2016
Abattoir & Satori Aether ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Dig) TumorCD94 2017
Climax Denial Dehumanizing Environments ‎(CD, Album) TumorCD88 2015
Yen Pox Beyond The Horizon And The Abyss ‎(2xLP, Album, Ltd) TumorLP85 2016
Yen Pox Between The Horizon And The Abyss ‎(CD, Album) TumorCD85 2015
IRM   Closure... ‎(CD, Album) TumorCD82 2014
Obscene Noise Korporation   Primitive Terror Action / The Rape Of The Blue Planet ‎(2xCD, Comp) TumorCD78 2014
Theologian & STROM.ec Hubrizine ‎(CD, Album) TumorCD68 2014
Funerary Call Nightside Emanations ‎(CD, Album) TUMORCD55 2012
Control Deadly Sins ‎(CD, Album, RE) TumorCD48   2010
Phelios Astral Unity ‎(CD, Album) TUMORCD44 2010
Yen Pox Blood Music ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM + CD, Comp, RM) TumorCD41 2010
Navicon Torture Technologies The Gospels Of The Gash ‎(2xCD, Album) TUMOR CD39 2009
Megaptera   Staring Back At You (CD, Comp, Ltd) TUMOR CD29 2007

4iB Records (7 releases: 3 CDs + 1 7" + 3LP = 75,- USD shipping included worldwide)
The Rita Journey Of The K-Verband (Throat Lure) ‎(7", Single, Ltd, Num) 4iB 7"/0315/022 2017
Maurizio Bianchi   Elegietroniche ‎(CD, Album, Ltd)   4iB CD/0114/020 2016
Autogen Mutagen ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) 4iB CD/0712/002 2012
Hiroshi Hasegawa / Positive Adjustments Cryptic Void ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Num)   4iB CD/1013/004 2013
Richard Ramirez   Kept. Perverse. Mess. ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, Num) 4iB LP/0714/015 2016
Sutcliffe Jugend Pursuit Of Pleasure ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, Num, Bla) 4iB LP/0811/001 2012
Phurpa + Mare Di Dirac Misericordia ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, Num) 4iB LP/0915/025 2017

Cold Spring Records (48 releases: = 350,- USD shipping included worldwide)

C.3.3. Ballad of Reading Gaol – The Cacophonietta ‎(CD, Album) CSR255CD 2018
She Spread Sorrow Midori ‎(CD, Album) CSR251CD 2018
Mz.412 Ulvens Broder ‎(10", Single, Red) CSR248EP 2018
Mz.412 Ulvens Broder ‎(10", Single, Black) CSR248EP 2018
Mz.412 Ulvens Broder ‎(10", Single, White) CSR248EP 2018
Psychic TV   Kondole / Dead Cat ‎(2xCD, Album + DVD-V) CSR246CD 2018
Jotunspor   Gleipnirs Smeder ‎(CD, Album, RE) CSR244CD 2017
Barry Adamson + Pan Sonic + The Hafler Trio The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion ‎(LP, RE, 180) csr241lp   2017
Corrupted   Felicific Algorithim ‎(LP, Ltd)   CSR240LP   2018
Krzysztof Penderecki Kosmogonia ‎(CD, Album, RE) CSR238CD 2017
Merzbow • Balázs Pándi Live At FAC251 ‎(CD, Album, Ltd) CSR233CD 2016
Zos Kia / Coil Transparent ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM) CSR230CD 2017      
Zos Kia / Coil Transparent ‎(2xLP, Album, RE, RM)   CSR230LP   2017
TenHornedBeast Death Has No Companion ‎(CD, Album) CSR227CD 2017      
Sun Ra | Merzbow Strange City ‎(CD, Album) CSR228CD 2016
Trepaneringsritualen Deathward, To The Womb ‎(CD, Album, RE) CSR222CD 2017      
Trepaneringsritualen Deathward, To The Womb ‎(LP, Album, Ltd, RE) CSR222LP 2017
Khost [Deconstructed And Reconstructed By] Godflesh Needles Into The Ground ‎(CD, Album) CSR215CD   2016            
Khost Deconstructed And Reconstructed By Godflesh Needles Into The Ground ‎(LP, Ltd, Red) CSR215LP 2016      
Henrik Nordvargr Björkk / Margaux Renaudin Anima Nostra ‎(CD, Album) CSR216CD 2016      
Dave Ball • Jon Savage (4)   Photosynthesis ‎(CD, Album) CSR217CD 2016
She Spread Sorrow Rumspringa ‎(CD, Album) CSR212CD 2015      
Troum Acouasme ‎(CD, Album) CSR213CD 2015
非常階段 Hijokaidan Emergency Stairway To Heaven ‎(LP, Pic + CD + Album, Ltd) CSR208P 2015      
Sutcliffe Jugend Offal ‎(CD, Album) CSR209CD 2016      
Sutcliffe Jugend Offal ‎(2x12", Album, Ltd) CSR209LP 2016
Trepaneringsritualen Veil The World ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, RE) CSR205CD 2015
Coil Backwards ‎(CD, Album) CSR203CD 2015      
Coil Backwards ‎(2xLP, Album) CSR203LP 2015
Trepaneringsritualen Perfection & Permanence ‎(CD, Album) CSR198CD 2014
Coil / Nine Inch Nails   Recoiled ‎(CD, Comp, RM) csr193cd 2014
Skullflower Draconis ‎(2xCD, Album) CSR190CD 2014
Troum Syzygie ‎(CD, Comp)   CSR183CD 2013
Sleep Research Facility Stealth ‎(2xCD, Album) CSR159CD 2012
Sutcliffe Jugend With Extreme Prejudice ‎(CD, Album) CSR143CD 2011
MZ. 412 Burning The Temple Of God ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM) CSR140CD 2010      
Kreuzweg Ost Gott Mit Uns ‎(CD, Album) CSR141CD 2012
MZ. 412 In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi ‎(CD, Album, RE, RM) CSR136CD 2010
Sehnsucht   Wüste ‎(CD, Album) CSR124CD 2010
Psychic TV   Themes ‎(6xCD + Box, Comp, Ltd) CSR123B   2011
Fire In The Head Confessions Of A Narcissist ‎(CD, Album) CSR120CD 2010
Werkraum   Unsere Feuer Brennen! ‎(CD, Album, RM) CSR49CD [2nd] 2009
SleepResearch_Facility Nostromo ‎(CD, Album, RE) CSR34CD   2007
Band Of Pain Sacred Flesh ‎(CD, Album, Ltd, Num, RE)   CSR33CD   2010
Folkstorm   Victory Or Death ‎(CD, Album, RM) CSR31CD 2009
Folkstorm   Sweden ‎(CD, Album, RE) CSR29CD 2009
Kerovnian Far Beyond, Before The Time ‎(CD, Album, RE) CSR24CD 2015
Inade Aldebaran ‎(CD, Album, RP) csr13cd 2007

Contact: o.v.kolyada(at)gmail(dot)com
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