Industrial / noise / experimental magazines that has existed?

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Zeno Marx:
The Artware catalogue could well be considered a zine.

I don't have the very earliest catalogs, but those ones I have, are all just listing of stuff they sell. Of course it is thicker than many zines, and short comments about all items, but still, I don't know if it's a "zine"?

Something like Come Organization Kata would have reviews, lyrics printed, reports, right? I have the collection xerox book of it.

Disco Rough/AUS. Actually Deutsche Welle zine out of Australia. Interviews with FM Einheit (can you answer shorter?) and Die Tödliche Doris.

How about Opprobrium from New Zealand, active in the 90s? Not so much noise & industrial, as I recall, but quite a bit of experimental stuff and improvisation. I remember at least one Keiji Haino interview. Main thing was probably the more rock-oriented stuff like Flying Saucer Attack, Doramaar etc.

CHEMICAL CASTRATION zine publihsed by Ben Gilbert who later ran Zabriskie Point. Two issues I have featured Intrinsic Action, Terre Blanche, & PBK main features + reviews.

Big Body Parts did a zine too. I have one issue but can't remember title at the moment. I dont' think it was music-oriented though.

ELECTRONIC COTTAGE published by the Dog As Master guy. Couple of issues published, I think.


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