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Author Topic: Experimental / noise releases you have listened the most  (Read 528 times)
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« on: September 22, 2018, 03:12:41 PM »

I don't recall there has been topic of this approach. People often have opinion what is the best album of specific artist. Or which are the best artists, but this may not be the same as what are albums you have listened the most.

It may be effected by some kind of "peer pressure" - as most tend to know what releases one could be expected to appreciate. Perhaps not necessary to have topic of "lets list records again", but something more commented.

I'm fully aware, that releases people have listened the most, are often the early stuff they get. How to hell could new tape compete with release that you got maybe 20 years ago? Especially if back then you got 1 release a month, and later on perhaps 1 a day, hah..

For me it is quite easy to list handful of releases that are listened a lot - since they get to playlist all the time over the years.

INCAPACITANTS "Ministry of Foolishness" CD

Many people often say As Loud As Possible is the best. Of course its good. So is Opererue, but Ministry of Foolishness just is the CD that I have listened way more than those two. Would I necessary list this as absolute best Incapacitants... maybe not, but something in it's heaviness and fullness makes me listen to it more.

THE HATERS "Ordinarily Nowhere" CD
One quite annoying song, but otherwise absolute top listened noise releases. In some ways In The Shade of Fire may be "better", but when I think of The Haters, and want to listen something, unless there is something new I didn't hear yet, I tend to always return to this CD.

Release I never get tired of. I don't rate Tokyo Anal Dynamite or such very highly, if compared to this. I can put this on CD player any time and be amazed how great it remains.

CONTROLLED BLEEDING "Phlegm Bags Splattered" CD
Again one of the things that this happened to be 1st CD I bought from Controlled Bleeding. Even after getting old Knees & Bones stuff or hearing some supposedly even further developed CD of same sources, this one remains favorite as well as item where I always return.

There are a lot of great comps. Not long ago I was listening once again Noise Forest, but even that CD ends up to CD player way more rarely that Come Again II what never bores me.

GENOCIDE ORGAN "remember" 2xLP
Album that is so often talked about, so quite useless to talk in length. It was in endless rotation then, and still today many tracks gives me shivers to listen.

PAIN JERK "Thrashware" CD
People have praised other Pain Jerk titles quite a lot, yet for me none of other things - not the tape before, or the CD's after this, are listened as often as this.

Susan Lawly CD, so much of absolute favorite tracks. Packaging of Pleasure Corpse bootleg LP is more exciting. WSOTG set or sampler CD amazing. But nevertheless, this is the CD that is most likely to return on CD player.

THE GREY WOLVES "Catholic Priests Fuck Children" LP
Especially A-side, it's something that I can just raise the needle back to beginning and give another spin...

MILITIA "New European Order" 3xLP
Three LP set could be assumed to be format that doesn't get listened that many times. But as opposed to many box-sets, this certainly is one of my most listened industrial albums of all times. While mCD is even more solid, I must have listened this vinyl set countless more times than flawless 20 minute mCD.

CON-DOM "All in good faith" CD
In a way, I appreciate Sermon series more as musical pieces. I appreciate "8th pillars" as conceptual sound & uniqueness of it. Color of Man's Skin presentation as double vinyl CD is probably more exciting than the standard jewelcase CD. But all that said, it's All in good faith I must have listened way more than any other Con-Dom!

DEATH SQUAD "Theological Genocide" CD
It's not album I often remember to praise enough. I was such a fan of the early tapes, but when this came out, it felt like entirely new level of works. Perhaps Death Squad progressed even further with originality, conceptual depth and such, but none other album reached the amount of listening times as this.

will have to add few more a bit later. Now it seems to be good time to listen some "New European Order"....
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« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2018, 05:05:43 PM »

Hollow Bush - negative line the art is one thing that always draws me to this, is that Stella in the bush? for a long time  was the only hanson tape I owned, it has such a strange atmosphere to it.

Filthy Turd/Smegma Squad mostly for the Smegma Squad side, but FT not bad. similar atmosphere to the Hollow Bush

Korpses Katatonik ‎– Subklinikal Leukotomy Aphrenia Spasmophilik Lyssophobo Asphyxia Sinister Lethal Anorex have had this tape for only a few years but the mood is always right.

Bob Marinelli/Outermost go to for almost annoyingly harsh long cassette


Deathroes - Hatefuck
Gelsomina - Disease with a Purpose
VA - Beast
Stegm - Stench of a Coward
Contagious Orgasm ‎– From The Irresponsible Country Sounds

Vinyl i dont listen to nearly as much so hard to compare it to the other releases but would be: Grunt/Taint - Schoolyard Bruises, Macronympha/Grunt - Eye for an eye, and Genocide Organ- 虐殺機関
well except The Haters-Cultivating Calamity so many listens
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« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2018, 05:37:43 PM »

This is a great topic!

My default, hopefully not “contrived”, go to records would be:

Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton - Black Vomit: To me this is not only a dream meet up, Anthony Braxton truly getting to play as out as possible and Wolf Eyes in great form, but everything that “avant garde” is supposed to be in my mind. People listening to each other, enjoying what they’re doing, working outside their comfort zone, and genuinely working at something. If I had the resources to run a “real” label the first thing I would do would be license this for an LP reissue.

Nikudorei - Genital Torture: Noisecore? Noise? This is one of the weirdest records I own and so off the wall. I never get tired of it. And the cover has a dick being sliced in half. What’s not to like?

Merzbow - Pulse Demon/Venereology: Something about these two Relapse titles, maybe not even my “favourite” Merzbow but I’m always drawn to these two maybe because they were some of the first noise records I ever owned, pretty sure I ordered these with my moms credit card calling the 1800 number and speaking to the mail order guys (are they going to call me a poseur?).

Brutal Truth side of the Bastard Noise split LP and CD: I can’t tell you why I like these “control room” noise Brutal Truth tracks so much. They’re hypnotic, really unique, I’m an unabashed BT fanboy to begin with and these tracks are so wild. I kind of wish they had gone the Bastard Noise route and just made noise records after they disbanded.

The Rita - Skate/Snorkel: Default The Rita record for me. I like all of it but this is my go to. Perfect length, great concept, I think I own like 60-70 Rita releases but this is the one I gravitate towards.  

Kevin Drumm - S/T: I remember getting this CD reissue from Mimarogolu after having bought a bunch of other Drumm records - this one is the most challenging which is why I go back to it so often - it’s one of those noise records I’ve listened to a hundred times and still don’t totally “get”. When that double LP reissue came out a few years ago that really was a revelation - so rare to see an LP have that much effort put into it. And I think that started me re-listening to it a lot more.

Smegma - Nattering Naybobs of Negativity: Pigs for Lepers might be the “crucial” Smegma jam but this one is my favourite. Basically because of “Mouthful of Rubber” which is basically the jam I would play if I wanted guests to leave my home. This one rips, so hard and I’ve yet to meet a Smegma record I don’t like. I also love the collars with Wild Eyes and Jazkammer.

St. Francis Duo - all three LPs: these duos of Stephen O’Malley and Steve Noble are all so great. I think this is the most interesting thing O’Malley has been involved with outside of Burning Witch. And I’m no Sunn O))) hater but I’ll be the first to admit they haven’t done much after Monoliths and Dimensions I’ve thought has been worth a shit. But hey, these are great. Noble RIPS on the drums and the guitars are wild. I hope they do more together. I’d buy anything they put out.

Incapacitants “Burning Orange” / Hijokaidan “Polar Nights Live” (Pica Disc): I got these, probably again from Mimaroglu and it was around this time all I was listening to was noise - these just came at a time where they were so crucial for me and they got tons of play - simple, well done CDs of great live sets. It was also around this time I was broke as fuck saving for a house and wasn’t ordering a lot of records so every CD has to be super special. So I wound up scooping up a bunch of Hijokaidan and Incapacitants records soon after that we’re really crucial and also on heavy rotation - as well as the next year being able to shell out for that Incapacitants box on Pica Disk, Government Alpha box, etc etc etc. These were the records that truly solidified my love of Incapacitants and Hijokaidan.
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« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2018, 04:19:04 AM »

When I think about my go-to releases thrown on the most frequently, even when now buried in classical ballet vinyl:

OVMN - Throbbing Pulse
ULTRA - Roman Holiday
DEAD BODY LOVE - Low-Fi Power Carnage
WOMEN OF THE SS - John Zewizz Presents His Infamous...
PRURIENT - Cocaine Death
CON-DOM - Colour of a Man's Skin
SUN-RA - Atlantis
BRUNO COSSANO - Saffo's Pleasures
CALIGULA031 - Slavetrade 2000
TAINT - Savage Weapons
WHITEHOUSE - Great White Death
THE SODALITY - Beyond Unknown Pleasures
SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - When Pornography is No Longer Enough
ATRAX MORGUE - Woundfucker
DEATH SQUAD - Death Textures
MXM - Flesh Biting...
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« Reply #4 on: September 23, 2018, 10:10:11 AM »

What it lacks in the higher frequencies it makes up for in the mid and lower. Actually "lack" is the wrong word here. Full bodied! My favorite of theirs, and I play it at least once a week.

My brain says this is not their best, but my stomach does. Crunch!

CON-DOM - The Eighth Pillar CD
I used to listen to this on repeat in headphones when I worked in a chainsaw and lawnmower factory. Original, grandiose and quite unoffensive power electronics.

TOMMI KERÄNEN - Moon Over Torrelorca CD
A beautiful monolithic drone masterpiece. There's so much hidden in there. An album that keeps giving, and it has me coming back for more very frequently.

REGIM - Dedicated To Oskar Dirlewanger CS
Deceitfully simple and effective harsh noise. Cajani really found a style and sound of his own with Regim, and he perfected it on this cassette. Should this ever get reissued, I'm sure it would rise to classic status.

MONDE BRUITS - Portuguese Man-O-War CS
Another very full bodied and beautiful recording that just gets better and better.

KAKERLAK - Reproductive Activity Rhythms CS
I have tons of quite rare tapes from Throop, yet it's this very common thing I play the most. One of the best harsh noise recordings of the second millenia.

While I think it's way too short, its short length is probably the reason I have time to play it so often. Punch, texture, drama. Brick wall noise.

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« Reply #5 on: Today at 12:30:48 AM »

Whitehouse "Twice Is Not Enough" CD (Susan Lawly)
         Often denigrated as when they "went soft" but I like the lush, sexy synth tones and see it as a worthy follow-up to Great White Death which competes with this one for most-listened.

Sick Seed "The Great Corrupter" CD/CS/LP (Filth & Violence)
         Necessary on all formats due to frequency of use. Hadn't heard anything like it when I first heard and still haven't. Primitive yet "musical." Low-impulsive and high-minded as PE and experimental music in general should be. PE as experimental music rather than subgenre punk fanboy stuff.

Ultra "Delirious Elaborations" CD set (Dom America)
          Most of the essential stuff by a project that I feel would open up the minds and ears of more young folks into this stuff if they just gave it a chance. I love that they achieved through atmosphere and actual instrumentation (as well as arrangement, of course) what others achieve through technique and presentation.

Absurd Cosmos Late Nite "2016-2017" CD set (Index Clean)
          Had this only a year, maybe, at this point, but fulfills so much of what I wanted to hear together before it had occurred to me that such elements could be combined. There's this sort of mundane but mysterious quality. I love the idea of spoken word over strange, ambient sound collage.

Final Solution "Strip Search/Rape Session" & "Do As You're Told/Kill Mode" 7"s (AWB/BloodLust)
          I don't normally like this format for PE, not a big enough dose, but here it's justified with some of the most classic PE tracks imaginable. If I hadn't ripped these to my computer, both would be worn out several times over by now.

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