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Author Topic: NOISEXTRA - A podcast about noise  (Read 61012 times)
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« Reply #195 on: June 20, 2022, 06:00:16 PM »

Hermann Nitsch episode with Ryan Martin is full of neat information. Even after reading bunch of articles, books, interviews related to his work, it is really good one with enthusiasm and admiration for Nitsch oozing from all the people talking about his work. Ryan Martin has lots of stories worth hearing!
Yes, a great episode.  Unless you got there, you would never hear about all those little interesting details.  I went as far as getting an application for an Aktion, but it could never happen.

The most recent episode Mental Descruction CD worship. This is tough CD for me. I did listen it not that long ago, just confirm can I get over the low-bit-rate sampling, bit crushing noises etc... and got to say there is challenges for that, haha.. At the same time, I like it, but there are challenges. It is something what has traumatized my brain on what "digital noises" can sound like.. hah.
Mental Descruction are a sleeper, both in the CMI catalogue and in general.  I revisited them after the episode, and all their albums, and even comp tracks, are pretty darn great.  I remember Straw receiving some good talk and acclaim when it came out.  Recommended.

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En Nihil interview was nice. I got many things from him, perhaps earliest is the Pinch A Loaf tape 1995, that came under name NIHIL. Output in the 90's is not so huge, so I ended up with fairly good % of them without even trying to consciously collect anything.
1994-1997 I was perhaps more spellbound by power of Japanese noise. Or, lets say, not totally, but a lot of time the bleak, lo-fi, low-tech, dark and such was not such a priority, although when you look the years now, you got Con-Dom 7"s series, GW 2nd and 3rd album, GO mind control, remember...  and countless others coming. Nevertheless, in list of what I should purchase with little money I have, En Nihil wasn't on top of list as I associate it with dark ambient / death industrial kind of things, and it feels like I was focusing then more on thinking how to get Masonna, Gerogerigegege, CCCC, Merzbow,.. although plenty of PE as well. Ended up selling most of things I associated with "dark ambient", only to regret it later...

En Nihil tells the story from beginning, fairly short active phase in 1994-1997, and then comeback more than decade ago. Tells how he had pretty self destructive life for a while, quitting noise and trying to do something else, other type of experiences, and eventually returning to noise with more positive approach. I am sure positive just meaning more than creation is rewarding and creative, rather than sinking into hopeless destructive tunnel with no light ahead, hah. Creative & rewarding is obviously better if you ask me. That route to self destruction if often better as story, than as audio.
I heard some of the comeback stuff, but should probably check out the ones he mentioned to be possibly the best ones from new era.
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