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Author Topic: MISSING... But what?  (Read 5787 times)
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« Reply #150 on: July 05, 2020, 10:46:41 PM »

many (including me) see this more as a Freak Animal / though guy noise forum, not as a regular noise forum for everyone. But yes, voicing different views and opinions is a necessary one and also why everybody should do their own thing and not be limited by the imaginary boundaries of a genre or aesthetic created or envisioned by someone else.

I am familiar with this being quite common view, although I don't necessarily see it would have to be so.

To my knowledge, there are lots of people who appreciate the "dark side of noise" (so to say)- on level of admiring work of artists etc, but at this moment absolutely hesitate to discuss of it in public, due not wanting it to surface in form of screen captures and gossip even years later. They rather opt private message groups with people they know, than public discussion. It is of course good way too, but may reduce the dissemination of information. All that knowledge and information that could have resulted even interesting printed zine, will disappear. Does it really matter - is of course different debate.

Instead of engagement on here we have people who basically await the "leaders" to make topics and then they discuss them.

Which is partially true and also unfortunate. I would certainly like to see topics like "best chocolate monk releases", "recommended Tomutonttu albums" or such, emerge. There is absolutely nothing that stops opening new topics on other things than so called tough guy noise. It was original intent of SI to try merge the splintered and fragmented things, to be the "scene" where Sudden Infant & Genocide Organ would co-exist side by side, so to say with using known names as example. While it seemed to be vaguely fruitful goal 10-15 years ago, I don't see potential for that anymore. At least not in wider scale. Locally and in some other small framing, this of course comes out naturally.

Some really interesting discussion in this thread (and some not so...)

My thoughts in response to the above: At what point do you become accepted in a niche forum such as this? I have started a couple of "discussion" topics with zero replies. I respond to a few topics where I feel I have sufficient knowledge to do so.  I still very much feel like a rookie in the scene, although keen to continue learning which is why I see this forum as a valuable source of information.

I make use of Instagram to network and learn about labels / scenes from around the globe.  Without it, I would not know of many things that are not discussed here or at noisewiki.  I know it is basically facebook anon but it works for me.  I ditched my FB account about 4 years ago now.

IG is a very useful tool.  Sold quite a few zines because of it. Maybe sold 1 or 2 zines per issue because of this forum.  I can reach a wider audience using IG hashtags than I can from posting on here, Whilst sales are not important for zines (I aimed to break even, which I mainly did) it was more about the percolation of ideas and sharing of information.  I would often trade / give away as many copies as I sold.  Which I felt was great.  Lucky enough to have a decent paying job that can allow me to do this. Time became a difficult factor however...

Nota bene, have now suspended making "Snare Rush" zine and am focusing on making my sounds as Soloman Tump.  I felt my creative energies for zines was dwindling and have had an increasing urge to record sound.  Might return to the zine one day though.  I put a LOT of effort into making Snare Rush, and would often feel a dark depression / pressure on getting the content right for an audience that I could not predict.  The zine did not focus on any particular genre other than what I was listening to at the time - therefore not enough noise to be considered a noise zine.  And not enough techno for anyone who considers themselves a techno head to want to bother reading it.  May refocus my attentions one day. 

Dismal electronics from Oxfordshire
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