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Author Topic: Winter Solace ($40+ orders post paid for US customers)  (Read 835 times)
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« on: June 15, 2013, 11:52:57 PM »

The releases of my label span various genres from noise, avant-garde, black metal etc.

June 15th 2013



While this will be seen as futile by many, I've decided that it should still be made public. For the past months/years there has been a rampant lack of professionalism here regarding postings made on this website and elsewhere, specifically the "trash talking"/juvenile attempts to destroy the reputations of others for things that are simply useless. I will not explain the torrent of behind the scenes related personal/mental health issues that led to this behavior however I do wish to offer sincere apologizes to any such persons who felt offended by something posted here/elsewhere. This unprofessional behavior has never been in the image I have wanted this label to be seen in and note that changes are been implemented here that will hopefully eradicate this in the future. If there are specific parties that feel that any specific grievances have been made against them that aren't absolved by this posting they may reach out to me directly if they feel a need to do so.



B.H.O.L 22 Vinland Special Services "Cemetery Without Crosses"

This is a folk/bluegrass/ambient track I made in 2011. It sounds like unlike any of my other works and is for the most part devoid of noise entirely. I felt that this did warrant some kind of release as it was to be the tombstone of my musical endeavors.

B.H.O.L. 23 Vinland Special Services/Cosmic Breath "Hanoi Hilton/Five Pointed Snow Mound"

This recording showcases the true power and spirit that can exist on split/collaboration recordings. My tracks on this and the ones by Cosmic Breath differ greatly from our usual styles and the final result has to be listened to in order to be believed. With roots in power electronics and industrial black metal this recording branches out into several different musical genres and is simply "Avant-Garde" in every aspect of the word. The VSS folk/patriotic musings collide with Cosmic Breath channeling the essence of H.P. Lovecraft. At times echoing everything from electronic music, jazz, tribal and bluegrass music this is a hazy surreal recording that will forever stand as a mark of excellence in both bands already abstract discographies!

Both of these recordings are here in limited numbers, if you need copies for your distro it is suggested you get them from Brotherhood of Light.


Seeing as I've gotten a bunch of requests to do this, I've made a Winter Solace mailing list/newsletter. I've never been huge into these myself but people have been telling me they check the website everyday to see if new products are in so now they don't have to do that. There will also be special discount sale offers discussed through there.

In the future once this is established, I will be using this as the primary method of informing people of new releases/distro stock etc. So if you feel inclined to do so please make sure to add your e-mail by going to the contact page of the website.

The box to submit your e-mail to is this page.


The upcoming releases page has been updated to further showcase what will be released here soon and when. There will be a bunch of Xerox titles released soon, and I've gotten test tapes back for the upcoming pro tape titles. Expect great things soon!


It would seem I have met another kindred spirit wandering around the internet. I'd like everyone to check the releases I have from the label Occult Mountains in the new arrivals. It would seem this label has unearthed a plethora of new & unknown raw NSBM bands. I was talking about some of these on Facebook yesterday as some of these are worth looking into, specifically the "Anti-Semitic Poetry" split between Aryan Werewolf & Astral Legions. I only got 2 or 3 of some of these so if there is interest I'd act fast as some of these were pressed in runs of 14 copies etc.

One side note, the Axis of Evil split with Reek of the Unzen Gas fumes is still in stock and has been for sometime. It was filed under the Experimental section. I've since moved it to the black metal portion of the distro list. I'm getting low on these so if you wanting some let me know.

NEW DISTRO ITEMS (* Recommended)

Black Metal Tapes

*Aryan Werewolf/Astral Legions "Anti-Semitic Poetry”
Count Shannath/Neit/Whispersorrow "White Skin/Black Metal"
Count Shannath "Anti Social Dogma"
Peisithanatos "Poisoned Dreams and Obscure Memories of Sorrow"
*Right Wing Messiah "Replace The Bible With Mein Kampf" (Slow Punk/NS Music with just bass & vocals)
*Svb Imperivm "Desjudaización Espiritual (Por la razón de los fuertes)"
*Tank Genocide "Fascism is our Ideal"

Experimental Music Tapes

AG14 "Demo" (Ambient/Folk - Sounds like a music box)
Fuhrer Anon "Aufstieg" (NS Trance)
*Vinland Special Services "Cemetery Without Crosses" (bluegrass/ambient) Sample
*Vinland Special Services/Cosmic Breath "Hanoi Hiltion/Five Pointed Snow Mound" (Avant-Garde/Industrial/Various)
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