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Author Topic: SUDDEN INFANT + KK NULL + SPOILS & RELICS in London tonight  (Read 980 times)
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Pete Johnstone
« on: November 27, 2012, 12:36:55 PM »


Tuesday 27 November 2012
Door Times : 8pm

Tickets : £8 adv, £10 on the door
Economy of Language and Cafe OTO present an evening exploring the extremities of musique concréte, harsh noise and improvisation with three of the forms foremost operatives: Swiss aktionist Joke Lanz aka Suddent Infant, Zeni Geva's KK Null from Japan and the UK's Spoils and Relics.


Joke Lanz is one of the most prolific and profound artists working in the border zones where performance and body art meet Improvisation and Noise. In his Sudden Infant guise, Lanz creates a unique blend of physical sound poetry and epileptic noise bursts, using contact microphones, loops, tapes etc. The result is an extreme form of musique concrète that juxtaposes spasmodic gibbering with a battery of disorienting electronics.

Since 1985 Lanz has been involved with a broad variety of musical projects, such as: Jaywalker, Sudden Infant, Schimpfluch-Gruppe, Psychic Rally, Vehikel & Gefäss, Catholic Boys in Heavy Leather, WAL, and Tell. He has also composed music for contemporary dance, theatre, films, radio plays, and installations and collaborated with Peter Kowald, Christian Marclay, Z’EV, Shelley Hirsch, Rudolf Eb.er, G.X. Jupitter-Larsen, Daniel Menche, Lasse Marhaug, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, Astro, Voice Crack, Carlos Giffoni, MSBR, C.C.C.C., Con-Dom, The New Blockaders, Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra (RSO Wien), Sixes, DJ Olive, Hans Koch, Ignaz Schick, eRikm, Strotter Inst., Christian Weber, Bill Kouligas, Roger Rotor, Small Cruel Party, Dieb13, Due Process, Christian Wolfarth, Martin Baumgartner, Evil Moisture, Charlotte Hug, and many others.


KK Null (real name : KAZUYUKI KISHINO) was born in Tokyo, Japan. He is a composer, guitarist, singer, mastermind of ZENI GEVA and electronic wizard. One of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental music since the early 80′s.

In 1981 KK NULL studied at Butoh dancer, Min Tanaka’s "Mai-Juku" workshop and started his career by performing guitar improvisations in the clubs in Tokyo. He continued by collaborating with MERZBOW for two years, and joining the band YBO2 (with Masashi Kitamura, the chief editer of "Fool’s Mate" magazine and Tatsuya Yoshida, the drummer of RUINS) and starting the improvised noise/rock trio ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (with Seijiro Murayama, the original drummer of Keiji Haino’s FUSHITSUSHA), and also GEVA2 (GEVA GEVA) with Tatsuya Yoshida (RUINS) and Eye Yamatsuka (BOREDOMS).

In 1985 he established his own label NUX ORGANIZATION to produce & release his own works and subsequently the bands such as MELT-BANANA and SPACE STREAKINGS. He also produced the series of "Dead Tech" (compilation albums by Japanese bands) which heralded Japanese alternative music boom internationally from the early 90′s to date.

In the early 90′s he gained world-wide recognition as the mastermind, guitarist and singer of the progressive hardcore trio ZENI GEVA with their extremely heavy sound, releasing five albums produced by STEVE ALBINI (two on Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label) and a few more on other labels such as NEUROSIS’s Neurot Recordings. Also ZENI GEVA recorded twice for JOHN PEEL SESSION on BBC, and immensely toured throughout Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, playing hundreds of concerts. Null has also collaborated with other musical innovators such as Z’EV, Chris Watson, Keiji Haino, Seiichi Yamamoto, Jon Rose, Matmos, Fred Frith and more...


"a mutating web of feedback, choral echoes and lo-fi loops of various squeaking, rattling found sounds, settling gently into certain texture combinations before teasing the stasis through jolts of pitch bend or slow fades into somewhere else. It’s a real nightmare collage: one minute it’s a blast of screaming electronics, like someone tampering with the cockpit controls, and the next it’s tornado of factory noise and alien sex. Musique concrete for the mind’s darker, more paranoid recesses, with a gorgeously sparse latter half of noise squeals fed through some sort of astronaut intercom." - Jack Chuter, ATTN magazine

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