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Author Topic: New fNs batch!TeethCollection,WickedRot,shalocins,PlonkMoist  (Read 3076 times)
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« on: March 25, 2010, 07:41:36 PM »

Don't miss this batch, seriously!

Plonk Moist
Plonk Moist
fNs024 (5€ppd EU/6€ppd RestOfWorld)

First recording from this new outfit from O.Barras (Au, Indhecenter...) and R. Juristo (pier, ahno zwei....). 6 tracks lasting total 25 minutes of free blues, noise blues, fucked up blues, with mantra wrecked guitars, amorphous drums and demented voices. Insane blues to heal your soul.
Limited edition of 30 hand numbered copies, b&w artwork on disc, color printed sticker cover on cardboard sleeves, enveloped in plastic sleeves.

trains going by
fNs027 (5€ppd EU/6€ ppd RestOfWorld)

Analogue synths, treated found sounds, fractured voices, metal and toy percussion form this 35 minutes long CDR. "Trains going by" is a imaginary soundtrack of a night at every house next to railroads with twisted, tortured, squeezed, squeaking, deformed and smoked trains straight from hell going by all night long. A hell of a ride.
Limited edition of 18 hand numbered copies, b&w artwork on CDR, packaged in six different colored shell-boxes with color artwork sticked on it.

Teeth Collection
fNs031 (5€ppd EU/6€ ppd RestOfWorld)

Teeth Collection is Matt Reis's vehicle to spread his personal vision of electro-acustic, improv and noise, with a deep industrial background, and a "isolationism" ambient form. He uses for it masterfully theremin, various effects and feedback loops. The sounds divide in three tracks, lasting 36 minutes, which leaves you completetly disarmed, with the space around you expanding and making you wonder if the walls around you are real or just an illusion, and making you feel everything but isolated. Huge.
Limited edition of 50 hand numbered copies, color printing on CDR and on laminated paper covers, packaged in plastic sleeves.

Wicked Rot
The Rotten Flute
fNs032 (5€ppd EU/6€ ppd RestOfWorld)

Another new outfit comprising Isa Christ (Idiot Underground) and Nathaniel Brennan (which also plays as the amazing Cruudeuces). Recorded whithin a day late november 2009 with violin, guitar, synth, clarinet, bass, prepared turn table and contact mics. This sounds to me like a Big Band inside a confessional of a cathedral playing electric saws, angry seagulls, fat old engine motors and nuns saying one's rosary under a storm. It lasts less than a church service (26 minutes) but if pastors would use it as background music or even as a soundtrack, the Bible would be lots more fun. Amen.
Limited edition of 30 hand numbered copies, color printing on CDR and on laminated paper covers, packaged in plastic sleeves.

Orders: fornoisessake@yahoo.com

Still available
fNs033 pier "apparently liberatory gestures" CDR
fNs026 Fossils "Global Seance" CDR
fNs019 ahno zwei "stakr l'vond"
fNs018 chien! "chien!" CDR
fNs015 Cousins of Reggae "Disuelvos Ensangrentados, Inhalantes Perdidos" CDR
fNs014 xNoBBQx "HI-ATE-US + Newtown Theatre" CDR
fNs013 Sheik Anorak "Week" EP CDR
fNs010 O. Barras "Cabeza de Turco" EP CDR
fNs009 bazvotni "vrums" EP 3"CDR
fNs008 Tubular Balls "Dios Esta en los Muebles" EP CDR
fNs007 pier "improvable" EP CDR
fNs006 Au "3" EP CDR
fNs005 Telephones Rouges "Liberte, La Nuit" EP CDR
fNs004 Aupier "No Is" CDR
fNs001 pier "the bree-fings vol. 1" CDR


fNs011 Indhecenter/Au Split CDR
fNs012 Au "Medianoche en Aspen" CDR
fNs016 The Murders in the Rue Morgue "Matnia" CDR
fNs020 Wretched Worst "Frozen in Vomit" CDR
fNs021 Les Yeux Sans Visage CDR
fNs022 dohince/ahno zwei Split CS
fNs023 Expensive Shit CDR
fNs025 au/dohince Split CDR
fNs028 Garabatti CDR
fNs029 Cruudeuces CDR
fNs030 Plonk Moist "Nauka i Praka" CDR
fNs034 Slut Mouth "Double Penetration" CDR
fNs035 interstates (etc.) "Goodbye Blue Monday" CDR
fNs036 James Fella/ahno zwei split CDR
fNs037 Lattume Muto "Sokeré" CDR
fNs038 Aldus W. Baxter & Joseph J. Squider CDR
fNs039 dohince "critical beats on the head" CDR
fNs040 Aupier "Atila" CDR
fNs041 Indigents "Factory Disease" CDR

More info and tracks at
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