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Author Topic: for Noise's sake sale&trade available catalog  (Read 1695 times)
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« on: March 12, 2010, 11:32:11 AM »

fNs available catalog

fNs001 pier "the bree-fings vol. 1" CDR
fNs004 Aupier "No Is" CDR
fNs005 Telephones Rouges "Libertè, La Nuit" EP CDR
fNs006 Au "3" EP CDR
fNs007 pier "improvable" EP CDR
fNs008 Tubular Balls "Dios Está en los Muebles" EP CDR
fNs009 bazvotni "vrums" EP 3"CDR
fNs010 O. Barras "Cabeza de Turco" EP CDR
fNs013 Sheik Anorak "Week" EP CDR
fNs014 xNoBBQx "HI-ATE-US + Newtown Theatre" CDR
fNs015 Cousins of Reggae "Disuelvos Ensangrentados, Inhalantes Perdidos" CDR
fNs017 Hearts of Palm "Earth Headed Heart" CDR
fNs018 Chien! "Chien!" CDR
fNs019 ahno zwei "stakr l'vond" CDR
fNs026 Fossils "Global Seance" CDR
fNs033 pier "apparently liberatory gestures" CDR

For pictures, descriptions, reviews and sounds go to http://fornoisesssake.blogspot.com
Contact fornoisessake at yahoo dot com

Next soon
fNs024 Plonk Moist "Plonk Moist" CDR
fNs027 shalocins "trains going by" CDR
fNs031 Teeth Collection "fNs031" CDR
fNs032 Wicked Rot "The Rotten Flute" CDR

Next later
fNs011 Indhecenter "Indhecenter I"
fNs012 Au "Medianoche en Aspen" EP CDR
fNs016 The Murders in the Rue Morgue "Matnia" CDR
fNs020 Wretched Worst CDR
fNs021 Les Yeux Sans Visage CDR
fNs022 dohince/ahno zwei Split CS
fNs023 Expensive Shit CDR
fNs025 au/dohince Split CDR
fNs028 Garabatti CDR
fNs029 Cruudeuces CDR
fNs030 Plonk Moist "Nauka i Praka" CDR
fNs034 Slut Mouth "Double Penetration" CDR
fNs035 interstates (etc.) CDR
fNs036 James Fella/ahno zwei split CDR
fNs037 Lattume Muto "Sokeré" CDR
fNs038 Aldus W. Baxter & Joseph J. Squider CDR
fNs039 dohince "critical beats on the head" CDR
fNs040 Aupier "Atila" CDR
fNs041 Indigents "Factory Disease" CDR
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