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Author Topic: VA - "VII Congresso Post-Industriale" CD Fecalove edition + more  (Read 2206 times)
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« on: March 10, 2010, 08:42:10 PM »

VA - "VII Congresso Post-Industriale" CD (2010 Old Europa Cafè , Italy) - 7 exclusive unreleased tracks from the five projects playing at "VII Congresso Post Industriale" live venue organised by OEC on the 20th February 2010 at club Siddharta in Prato - Italy. Harsh noise , industrial , dark ambient and power electronics . Folding cover, silver prints on high quality cardboard. Special Fecalove edition comes with pubic hair and numbered with tiny cocks . Limited to 318 copies . No reprints !

Tracklist :
1. Fecalove - Her Shit is my Milk
2. Con-Dom / W. Herich - Road to Total War
3. Satanismo Calibro 9 - Desert Places
4. Fecalove - No More Nothing
5. Beyond Sensory Experience - Kongress
6. Con-Dom / Antichildleague - Guerra
7. Brighter Death Now - Hunger

postpaid price -
Europe : 15 €
World : 17 €

paypal to :

also now available from Turgid Animal Italian Division :

Cloama/Mutant Ape split 7" - Finlands best kept secret, Cloama meets
England's vilest, Mutant Ape in a Power Electronics show down with
lyrics and artwork based on dementia. Limited 250 copies on black
Europe 6 €
World 7 €

Mutant Ape/Seppuku split 7" - Mutant Ape with a punishing six minute
lesson in harsh noise brutality. It sounds like a large collection of
faulty electric appliances being launched down the stairs of a
building on fire. On the flipside is a couple of tracks by the band
formerly known as TETSUO. This side sees a change of direction from
the previous lo-fi clatterings of before and contains two mercilessly
heavy tracks of full-on noise doom! First track, "The Sound Of Slow
Decay" does exactly what it says on the tin...repetitive sub-Sabbath
riffing which eventually kills itself, followed by "Vincent Price's
Wife Is Dead", which sounds like a 70s nightmare sequence from a
Hammer film gone wrong". Co-released with At War With False Noise.
Stick-on laser printed sticker/card sleeves and an insert. Black
Vinyl. Edition of 220 copies.
Last copies ever ! suck my cock !
Europe 6 €
World 7 €

Skullflower/White Medal split 7"- After several delays, Turgid Animal
and Legion Blotan Records are proud to announce this new split release
from Matthew Bower's long running and evil Skullflower coupled with
demented Yorkshire Black Metal one man band, White Medal. These days,
both bands straddle the middle ground between experimental music and
all out Black Metal assault, but in very different ways. Excellent
artwork by Utarm's Sindre Foss Skancke adorns the front of the pro-
printed and glued covers. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl.
Europe 7 €
World 8 €

Mutant Ape - "What's Left?" CD - First CD release by Turgid Animal
UK's big boss man. AKA "The Best of 2006", this disc re-issues tracks
from the CD-r split with Shift on Alfa Male Discharge, the "What's
Left?" business card set on Dumping Ground, the "No Bodies" 3" CD-r on
Amorf Sounds and the Mutant Ape side of the split tape with Grunt. All
tracks take a more composed route than previous and more recent works
and blur the lines between Rough Harsh Noise, Power Electronics and
almost Industrial Soundscapes. 50+ minutes of blown out hatred from
northern England's most loved/hated (depending who you talk to). If
you were to pick up just one item from this lad's messy and plain
filthy discography, let this be the one. Edition of 300 copies. 4 page
booklet and double sided tray with black and white artwork by Tony
Shepard in standard jewel case. Evil... but you knew that already.
Europe : 11 €
World : 13 €

Mutant Ape shirt - Design by Tisbor. Single-Sided Design. Highly
Quality Black print on Heavy Red T-Shirt. Ask for size availability
first of course..
Europe 12 €
Wordl 14 €

New distro stock :

Maurizio Bianchi/Cris X - "Heczplaser/Black Pulse" split 12" LP (2009
Cx Records , Italy ) - First vinyl LP release on Cx Records . Ultra
bleak monotonous analog synth mass from MB , everybody's dear noise
grandad , and haunting subtle horror music from not-so-newcomer Cris
X . Pure italian black quality ! Glossy black sleeves , two full
colour 30x30 cm inserts , black vinyl . Limited to 300 copies .
Europe 22 €
World 24 €

Slogun - "Bloody Roots" CD (2009 Trash Ritual/Circle Of Shit , U.S.A.)
- First Slogun full length cd in years , and it doesn't disappoint .
It's brutal , minimal , classic Slogun : Brooklyn power electronics
at its best . Really nice digipack too .
Europe 11 €
World 13 €

Volva -"Bloom In Nimbus" (2009 Second Sleep , Italy) 3xcdr - Black
rotten noise from Francesco Raucci (Lexes , Knunn) and George Proctor
(Mutant Ape) . Cardboard box with grainy grey/black art and inserts ,
pro pressed cdrs each housed in a pvc sleeve with xerox art . Italy +
England noise axis ! I think it's their second release ever .
Europe 10 €
World 12 €

Halthan -"Corrupt" c36 (2009 Nil By Mouth Recordings , Italy) -
Classic finnish power electronics ! Amazing Nil By Mouth style
packaging .. Plastic spraypainted black plates, 8 inserts, white
ferric tape. Limited to ?? copies
Europe 8 €
World 9 €

Fecalove - "Apocalypse On My Back" floppy disk (2010 Floppee Records ,
Italy) - Recorded during a terrible back spasm . True Pain
Electronics . Track is an .ogg file , artwork by Tisbor .
Europe 4 €
World 5 €

Venta Protesix - "Painful Sexual Perversion" 7" (2010 Lips Infection ,
Italy )  - Ultra-annoying digital sex harsh noise from Italy . Sounds
like a dentist drilling your genitals . Pink vinyl , limited to 200
copies . Label's own description : "Extreme and obsessive computer
music hitting against the most sick and estranging harsh noise.
Digital isolationism to its purest state. Anxiety, fear, life sickness
and sexual perversions will fling on you while listening.
We all have more or less hidden perversions and Venta Protesix has an
obsession for dental problems and imperfections. Please play this
disease loud while having extreme sex with your partner or while
masturbating in the dark of your little room downloading warped
pornography from the internet." Mastered by James Plotkin . Full
colour pink lovely art by Tisbor .
Europe 7 €
World 9 €

images :




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