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Author Topic: Where ƒrost reign label & press: TOSHIO SAEKI 'WORKS' 1971 art book in stock.  (Read 129443 times)
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« Reply #75 on: September 12, 2020, 02:39:29 PM »

New in stock.

Nefarious Activities

«Issue # 2».

This number contain Interviews with:

Terror Cell Unit
- And a special feature with collage artwork by Paul Kerin of NYC label Fieldwork.

Nefarious Activities dives deep into the zeitgeist and mind of the enigmatic cultural terrorists — Terror Cell Unit — who with explicit insight discuss their unique reformative ideas and approach to contemporary urban militaristic music.
    Bacillus first public interview since 1993. The band map out its origin story, talks hands-on strategies re noise music-making before transcending to its engaged connection with biology, minute life and the pathogens that cause disease, pandemics - and god hope: Civilization collapse. A truly inspiring position and convoluted artist statement.  
    First Subklinik interview from this frontier moniker. Subklinik and Nefarious Activities charts a map of the band’s birth and artistic progression - and via the Marco Corbelli slash Slaughter Productions years - the exchange unveil an until now esoteric fresco that is Subklinik’s singular vision, legacy and way forward.

Store: https://wherefrostreignhangar.tumblr.com/post/628803187205406720/nefarious-activities-issue-2-issue-2-of

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« Reply #76 on: December 06, 2020, 10:06:35 AM »

The Kitan Club magazine issue 5 1955.

Another golden issue packed with unforgettable iconic SM photogrphy and art. Kitan Club is the ultimate sadomasochisitc expression in print - bar none. This rare publication is sought after by subject devotees, fanatic collectors to individuals working in art and graphic design. Magazine in stock.

Read more about the issue here: https://wherefrostreignhangar.tumblr.com/post/190041334038/distro-new-in-stock-kitan-club-issue-5-1954

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« Reply #77 on: January 19, 2021, 09:07:57 PM »

Photography Now, Here «Illustrated Encyclopedia December 1968 Special Issue» PHOTO MAGAZINE: 30 EURO, 25% discount.

Selected visual samples:

Calcutta 1946 Direct Action Massacre. Photo by Margaret Bourke-White.

Photograph by Shomei Tomatsu

Photograph by Yutaka Takanashi

Photograph by William Klein

Photo by Walter Evans.

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« Reply #78 on: January 28, 2021, 03:51:53 AM »


- KRANIUM (Atrax Morgue) “Insanatorivm” (Urashima). Death industrial.
- CLIMAX DENIAL “In The Absence Of Self-Control” (Urashima). Power electronics.
- VARIOUS ARTISTS “Valkoinen Kohina“ LP Chloroform Rapist :: Edge Of Decay :: Silence Of Vacuum :: Sick Seed :: Snuff :: Unclean. Harsh noise / power electronics / industrial.

ALL TITLES LONG SOLD OUT FROM SOURCE. Records are now OFFERED at the WHOLESALE PRICE (shipping not factored in) they were purchased for. This is bottom line offers on 3 excellent and highly recommended 12" vinyls you won't find elsewhere.

Full list of available titles in previous post.
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« Reply #79 on: January 29, 2021, 08:03:32 PM »



Full updated list:

- Intolitarian «Extermination Campaign»: 7 EURO
- Intolitarian «Suicidal Allegiance»: 7 EURO
- Cremation Lily «Journal»: 7 EURO

- Cremation Lily «Funeral Home» 2 X TAPE: 12 EURO
- Petals “A Time Before The Lagoon Was Depressed”: 3,50 EURO
- Murder Cult “The Bridge”: 3,50 EURO
- Cheapmachines “Quiet Trade”: 3,50 EURO
- Nearfall “Nearfall”:3,50 EURO
- Fingering Eve “Detach”: 3,50 EURO
- V. Sinclair & D.E. Spotts “Unamplified Improvisations For Summer»: 6 EURO
- Stuart Chalmers / Z. Zsigo «Untitled»: 6 EURO
- Kay Hill & Cremation Lily “Northern Fields»: 6 EURO
- Memory Work “Apex»: 6 EURO
- Stabwound Empire «Salighet & Ekstase»: 4,50 EURO
- Deterge «Unintentional»: 7 EURO
- Presidiomodelo «The Inner Empire»: 6 EURO
- J. De Sosa «Familiar Crossing»: 5,50 EURO
- Plague Mother «Forever Passing Glory»: 7 EURO
- Stark «Untitled» ART EDITION: 9 EURO
- Various Artists «A Voyeuristic Renewal» Cremation Lily/False Moniker/JFK /Kleistwahr: 6 EURO
- Sacred Dominions «Sacred Dominions»: 8,50 EURO
- Depravar«Red Fetish»: 8 EURO
- Paranoid Time  “All Knobs to the Far Right”: 9 EURO
- Rosa Damask ‎«Heroes»: 9,50 EURO
- Void Eater «I»: 6,50 EURO
- Ravenmaster «In Memoriam»: 6,50 EURO
- JEO «Jerusalem»: 6,50 Euro

- Pogrom ”Degančios Suros”: 7 EURO
- Semilanceata «En Wallmoburen Myhr»: 7 EURO
- Semilanceata «Lifløse»: 7 EURO
- Semilanceata «Jordtron»: 7 EURO
- Semilanceata «Dødhelighaz»: 7 EURO
- Uncodified «Maybe All Is Not Completed»: 8,50 EURO
- Iron Fist Of The Sun «Blush»: 8,50 EURO
- Brighter Death Now “Innerwar”: 9,50 EURO
- Unclean «Syntiinlankeemus»: 9 EURO
- Snuff «Live»: 7 EURO
- Scatmother & Pissoir Rouge «Physics Dissolve in Urine»: 9 EURO
- Shifted «Appropriation Stories»: 10 EURO
- Phase Fatale «Redeemer»: 11 EURO
- XE «Past Atrocities» 2 X CD: 18 EURO

- Kranium “Insanatorivm” LP: 12 EURO
- Various Artists “Valkoinen Kohina“ LP Chloroform Rapist :: Edge Of Decay :: Silence Of Vacuum :: Sick Seed :: Snuff :: Unclean: 12 EURO
- Climax Denial “In The Absence Of Self-Control” LP: 12 EURO
- Grunt “Myth Of Blood” LP: 13,60 EURO
- Tusen År Under Jord »Sandhavens Genklang» 12’’: 19 EURO

- Nobuyoshi Araki «The Works Of Nobuyoshi Araki 6 - Tokyo Novel» PHOTO BOOK: 36 EURO
- Photography Now, Here «Illustrated Encyclopedia December 1968 Special Issue» PHOTO MAGAZINE: 30 EURO

- Takuma Nakahira «Degree Zero - Yokohama» PHOTO BOOK: 25 EURO
- The Photo Review «No. 7 Summer 1974 Special Feature: Photo 1930s» PHOTO MAGAZINE: 25 EURO
- Camera Mainichi «Number 11, 1966» PHOTO MAGAZINE: 25 EURO
Nobuyoshi Araki  «The Works Of Nobuyoshi Araki - Xeroxed Photo Albums»: 50 EURO

- Black Magazine «Vol.2, No.2: Psychology Issue, February 1972» SUB-CULTURE MAGAZINE: 25 EURO
- Z. Zsigo (CREMATION LILY) “09/05/14” ZINE: 5 EURO
- Niels Geybels “Mirage”: 8 EURO

- Kitan Club Issue 7, 1982: 25 EURO

- Prurient «Cocaine Daughter Pin»: 8 EURO

From private collection:

K O U F A R : Tapes and Vinyl for sale. DM offers - serious bids only! No flakers or bid-chancers.
When The Last One Leaves cassette - near mint
Z3eem cassette (limited ediiton) - mint/unopened
Life Sentence cassette - near mint
Phoenicianism cassette - near mint
Lebanon For Lebanese 12" vinyl 1st edition with inlay - mint/unplayed

Libertine Wolk - 'Présentent: Please & Secretly' tape: 7 Euro

Second hand T-shirts - photos on demand:
Death Grips - Exmilitary first edition T-shirt (Gildan heavy cotton XL): 6,- Euro
Death Grips first edition T-shirt (Fruit of the loom XL): 3,- Euro
Cremation Lily. First edition limited edition made by Strange Rules. (Gildan XL): 3,- Euro
Dark Session - band produced extremely limited run t-shirt from this now legend Filth And Violence artist. Fruit of the loom size XL, single sided print: 7,- Euro.
Darkthrone - 'True Norwegian black metal' T-shirt - XL 1990s era: DM offer - serious bids only! No flakers or bid-chancers.
Darkthrone - 'Transylvanian Hunger' T-shirt XL 1990s era: DM offer - serious bids only! No flakers or bid-chancers.
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« Reply #80 on: February 01, 2021, 06:25:48 PM »

RESTOCK: Too Negative No. 5 May 1995.

Image censored for web purposes. Click link to stream the book in full: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu3ykVSasqw

Too Negative, published by Tom Shobo 1994 - 2000, is a Japanese cult subculture photo magazine edited by legend publisher and gallery owner Kotaro Kobayashi.

The magazine’s format was an admixture of classic archival and curiosity magazine grafted with mondo, frontier contemporary art and fetishism - all wrapped in glossy vibrant fashion esthetics. Too Negative’s origin may be found in the concepts of ‘Eros’ and ‘Thanatos’ - a lineage it share with previous controversial prints such as: The Japanese 1920s erotic grotesque magazine Hentai Shiriou (Pervert Documents), Shibusawa Tasuhiko’s 1960s avant-garde journal Le Sang Et La Rose, to Fiction Inc’s Sale2 published from 1980 into the mid-’90s. But where Le Sang Et La Rose and Sale2 today may be described as subtle, clandestine or refined in intent; Too Negative was a visceral and visually explosive front that reflected the gory-depraved-beyond salvation-bad taste expressions visible in international subculture as well as the new evolving markets in contemporary art and home entertainment. Too Negative was solely curated by Kobayashi. The editoial consisted of themes such as: Medical/autopsy, grotesque and contemporary art, Japanese bondage - kinbaku, death journalism, erotica, war, crime scene photography, tattooing and the bizarro realm. Frequent collaborators and featured artist were: Trevor Brown, Kiyoshi Ikejiri, Kiyotaka Tsurisaki, Joel-Peter Witkin and Hiroshi Yokoi to site a few.

This issue features: ‘Crime museum’ by Chokudo Shibuya, photographer Kiyoshi Ikejiri, bizare humilation xxx, photographer Kiyotaka Tsurisaki death photograhy, artist Trevor Brown, medical and autopsy photography, artist Taga-Shin, piercing and body modifications, tattooing and much more.

Japanese language
Color and monochrome
Format: 15 cm x 21 cm
200 + pages
Published by Tom Shobo, May 1995.

Price: 80,- Euro + shipping.
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« Reply #81 on: February 11, 2021, 10:12:06 PM »

Hangar updated. New books and magazines. www.wherefrostreignhangar.tumblr.com Image censored for web purposes.

Akira Ishigaki with Kaoru Roppong «Strange Fruit».

Click the link to stream the book in full: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVqKVBR-elY

Japanese photographer Akira Ishigaki’s photo book «Strange Fruit» is one of the classic craftsmanship SM books in terms of visuals and bondage. The book is beautifully executed and manufactured using the best possible materials from paper quality to printing inks. The imagery is sequenced and edited to perfection. The carefully exhibited SM arrangements in vivid sunset gloom reads with a quiet timeless elegance that is backed up by deep tactility and awareness in both practitioners crafts. Photographer Akira Ishigaki and rope master Kaoru Roppongi appear in symbiotic peak form. «Strange Fruit» is considered to be one of SM history’s few ‘reference prints’ In addition, it is also a now classic Japanese photo book.

Updates via ig here: https://www.instagram.com/where___frost___reign/
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« Reply #82 on: February 20, 2021, 10:47:06 AM »

Toshio Saeki


Two copies available via WFR now - one with slipcase (left), one without - book only (right).

Stream browse video of the title in the link below:


Master artist Toshio Saeki (1945 - 2019) was born in South-east Japan, Miyazaki prefecture. At age four the family relocated to Osaka, where he graduated from college and started his illustration career in advertising. In 1969, Saeki moved to Tokyo with hopes of having his works published. Living and working in his studio, he continued to developed the now signature art fundamented on Japan’s wealthy traditions in ukiyo-e, shunga, ero-guro and folklore. Within the first year in the metropolis he self-published a 16 piece black & white print series «Collection of drawings by Toshio Saeki». Saeki also had one of his illustrations printed on the front cover of now cult journal series Black Magazine. After proposing his works to several publishing companies without luck, new talent magazine Heibon Punch published in 1970 a selection of his works. The art-feature was well received and brought attention from the public, media and culture personalities such as: Shûji Terayama, Maki Asakawa to Tatsuhiko Shibusawa of Le Sang Et La Rose. The sum of the experience enabled him to become a professional artist. His first artist book of identical title as the aforementioned self-publication was issued in 1970. The offer at hand - «Works» - was published in 1971, while the equal important artist monograph «Red Box» came in ’72. In addition to publishing several artist books and exhibiting internationally, Toshio Saeki was from 1970 a contributing illustrator for several counter-culture and adult magazines. Think: Erotica, Black Magazine, SM Select to S&M Sniper. Until he passed away in 2019 Toshio resided outside Tokyo in the mountains of Chiba prefecture.  

Toshio Saeki’s surgically precise drawings and prints showcase a distinct and unprecedented visual language. His late 1960s and early ’70s works often display monochrome and color representations with compositional shapes crossing over to abstractions. After settling in Tokyo, he quickly appropriated a color palette and artistic method that echoed Japan’s neon pop culture explosion and rich traditions in woodblock printmaking. In its core, Saeki’s artistic practice is deeply rooted in a multilevel suspension between Japan’s cultural and political heritage to the country’s rapid at-all-cost race into the contemporary as a leading economic and technological power. When we look at his coded dream-logic scenery, we see a collective subconscious that reminisce over its historical and psychological debris - in essence: The cycle of nature - life, death, conception - precise and elegant condensed into an ultimate distilled experience. Saeki always resisted the Western interpretation of his oeuvre as only being linked with concepts eros and erotica. These elements are certainly present, but the artist’s position is exceedingly complex and relates maybe more to Georges Bataille’s understanding of the subject matter as presented in his book «Erotism: Death and Sensuality» (1957). Writer and director Shūji Terayama formulated in 1969 his friend’s universe as a stab: «Toshio Saeki conjures death with a pen». In a later interview when discussing his work Toshio Saeki expressed: «Ero is the recipient of the life of the man. Through it, death is profiled. When I adapt myself to this ero, by making it the topic of my drawings, I feel neither constrained, nor hesitant».

Slipcase edition - Option 1: The x offered here is a fine reading copy with slipcase - seen in image. All pages and book gutter are intact and the page color is vivid and saturated. Minor yellow discoloration to a few inner pages. The slipcase has been taped on the edges by a prior owner at some point. No damage to see where tape is adhesioned.

Book only - Option 2: The x offered here is an entry level reading copy without slipcase. All pages and book gutter are intact and the page color is vivid and saturated. Slight yellow discoloration to some inner pages.

First edition
Option 1) Book with slipcase and mini booklet; Option 2) Book and mini booklet
Japanese language
Option 1) Format: Box 21,5 cm x 29,9 cm x 1,5 cm / Book 21 cm x 29.4 cm; Option 2) Book 21 cm x 29.4 cm
76 pages
Published by Gakugei Shorinsha, 1971.

Price: - Inquire -
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« Reply #83 on: February 20, 2021, 11:05:41 PM »

Yukio Mishima

«Sun and Steel: Art, Action and Ritual Death» (1970).

Yukio Mishima was born in Tokyo January 14th 1925. He graduated from Tokyo Imperial University’s School of Jurisprudence in 1947. His first published book, The Forest in Full Bloom, appeared in 1944, and he established himself as a major author with Confessions of a Mask (1949). From then until his death, he continued to publish novels, short stories, and plays each year such as «Temple of the Golden Pavilion» (1956). His crowning achievement, The Sea of Fertility tetralogy—which contains the novels Spring Snow (1969), Runaway Horses (1969), The Temple of Dawn (1970), and The Decay of the Angel (1971)—is considered one of the definitive works of twentieth-century Japanese fiction. In 1970, at the age of forty-five and the day after completing the last novel in the Fertility series, Mishima committed seppuku —a spectacular death that attracted worldwide attention — after a failed coup d'état November 25th 1970.

Offered here is the Japanese 1970 first edition - fourth printing - of «Sun and Steel: Art, Action and Ritual Death» - an autobiographical essay collection and memoir. The book recounts the Mishima’s experiences with, and reflections upon, his bodybuilding, martial arts training, the relationship with body and mind, and more. The book was first appeared in print in 1965 as a series of essays in literary magazine Criticism that ran over the course of three years.

First edition, fourth printing
Japanese langauge

Cardboard slipcase + hardbound book with color dust jacket and full-size Yukio Mishima portrait

Format slipcase: 19,2 cm x 24,4 cm x 2,55 cm
Format book: 18,8 cm x 23,2 cm x 1,95 cm

156 pages

Published by Kodansha, 1970.

Price: 55,- Euro + shipping. 

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« Reply #84 on: March 02, 2021, 12:05:59 AM »

Masami Akita «Noise War: Noise 10 Years».

Restock of this legend noise slash industrial tome. 1992 hard bound first edtion now available via Where frost reign.

Store link: https://wherefrostreignhangar.tumblr.com/post/624971152251584512/masami-akita-noise-war-noise-10-years-a-rare

A rare and much sought after book written by Masami Akita aka noise musician Merzbow. «Noise War: Noise 10 Years» is an in-depth encyclopedia into international and Japanese noise slash industrial culture - its bands, labels and influences - all charted from the second half of the’70s to the early 1990s. Akita shares his insights pertaining bands like: The Haters, MB, SPK, Werkbund, Whitehouse, Boyd Rice/NON, Organum, Ramleh, Esplendor Geometrico, Throbbing Gristle to labels Come, RRR - while also discussing authorities such as William Burroughs, Aleister Crowley, László Moholy-Nagy and Luigi Russolo in the context of noise. The book is beautifully designed and printed using only the best possible materials from paper to ink quality. It comes richly illustrated with relic flyers, concert posters, record designs to long out of print fanzine culture. In addition to said content and more, the author have made a comprehensive reference list of key noise and industrial records that are discussed in this print. «Noise War: Noise 10 Years» is a must read and library tome for any die hard noise fanatic or appreciater of Masami Akita’s work.

First edition
Hardbound book with color dust jacket
Japanese and English language
Format: 15,8 cm x 21,6 cm x 2,3 cm
240 pages
Published 1992.

Price: - Inquire -
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