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Author Topic: RAINBOW BRIDGE UPDATES.  (Read 1076 times)
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« on: March 30, 2012, 08:50:17 AM »

The temporary list of upcoming releases as far as the next batch is as follows:

PBK + Anla Courtis - Invasive Species c36
Discretion - Making Contact c44
Nederlaget - To Feil Er Bedre Enn En Rett c20
Endometrium Cuntplow - Growth Into Combustion c17
Umpio+Gaybomb - collaboration c30
Sleep Of Ages/Pregnant Spore - Rainbow Of Ages split c63
1+1=A Window - Newyddion c14
Ascites & Stefan Gonzalez - Anasarca collaboration c20
Pregnant Spore - Year Of The Water Dragon c32 + c40



Cincinnatus C - Sinuous Ambivalence CDr - RB-126

Smashing and mashing barely-functioning circuit-bent pedals, no-input mixer play, overbearing distortion and feedback coating hoards of vocals screamed so hard you can hear veins burst. Existentialism, pure desperation, unpredictable direction. Contains a 30+ minute piece of intricate and barely-detectable shifts in feedback tones.


Scant - Celebrity Death CDr - RB-123

This can be summed up with the image of a dirty fur coat, on perfectly the perfectly slim shoulders of a bombshell blonde covered in tears and blood, sobbing as she uses, using until she dies. Cocaine.
Captivating my heart until her last breath, breaking it as her eyes close.


The Big Drum In The Sky Religion - The New Theocentric World Of... CDr - RB-122

A couple of dirty weirdos from the deep depths of Virginia have recorded another serving of mind-melting lo-fi free jazz, drone, noise, and psychedelic whatever. Horns, voices, drums, guitars, maybe some various electronics, tapes or samples of other sounds woven into themselves… it's hard to tell considering the intentionally dirty production. Although the acoustic guitar outro leaves you calm and collected, this piece is overall unsettling and uncomfortable.


Extreme Light Infrastructure - Title Indeterminate recycled tape - RB-121

Richard Kamerman of New York City brings us 21 minutes of experimental, circuit-bent electronic magic.Mangled, glitchy, abstract, sharp. Sitting at a table full of rotting boxes with switches and knobs. One of the best weirdo electronic composers you've never heard of, and this is clearly one of the best releases in the Rainbow Bridge catalog.


Ghost Volcano/Divine Shell - Split recycled tape - RB-120

Side A brings Chocolate Monk and American Tapes worship from Baltimore, MD. Besides the core trio, some of the material included Tyler Grimsley on bass. Electronics, drums, warped records and all sorts of other matter to carefully pluck, flick, strum, bow and kick around to create interesting uses of space and dy namics. A multiple-listen experience. Divine Shell is the synth-based drone/harsh noise project of Derek Setzer who currently resides somewhere out there in the western wasteland. Dark and ugly moods. Buried whispers, muffled rumbles, and barely recognizable loops. Bleak and brooding, like something is about to happen.


Regospore - Detachable Limbs c34 - RB-118

Rainbow Bridge has been sitting on the masters of this recording for quite some time. This is a harmonious collaboration between Regosphere's Andrew Quitter and the Pregnant Spore's Justin Marc Lloyd. Looped field recordings, evil synth drone, buried vocals and the crackling and creaking of savage electronics.


Aisle - Jezebelle c32 - RB-117

Lo-fi and unsteady synthesizer and electronic drum formations leaning into noise territory. A slight new-wave feel, some punk attitude, a little mic feedback and seemingly faulty midi controllers. The way the melodies, beats and bass lines fall away from each other are oddly beautiful. Staggering, drunkenly groovy and moody fragments. If you liked club music in the late 80's/early 90's, watch Twin Peaks too much and also are a fiend for noise rock, this is your shit.


OK Putrid - Satan's Favorite Drink Is Tea CDr - RB-114

Modulation-obsessed no-input and microphone madness with a mountain of circuit bent pedals and mixers. 24 short out-takes and one long track of harsh, psychotic, freaky electronics. Two good friends from the small town of Mayo fuckin' shit up. Awkward and quirky, yet cutting and harsh. A nice kick-off to the more defined and focused recordings this group has yet to release.


Chefkirk - Gross Pyramids 2xCDr - RB-111

No-input mixers and microcassettes that will make your teeth hurt and your eyes water. Some of these frequencies are more accurately felt than heard. Ringing, buzzing and glitchy frequencies manipulated for over two hours. A crisp exercise in patience and strange sounds by Roger Smith (Insects With Tits, Controle Valve label), a prolific west coast sound artist.


Moscow Wires - Return To Shock Trauma recycled tape - RB-110

Strange harsh walls, vinyl loops, oscillating delays and other odd matter by Egyptian Tea label founder and Mold Omen/Lessons/Ghost Volcano/Thief Wife member Andy Livingston. He lives in a Baltimore apartment with his girlfriend, some cats (I think) and bunch of loud junk. He enjoys harsh noise but is really a Chocolate Monk nut, so both of those qualities are quite apparent on this small edition of perplexing sounds.


Widow's Bath - A Love In The Shadow Of That Which Constitutes Love c48 - RB-109

Live sessions recorded straight to tape on minimal sleep and in a daze of emotional, mental and substantial wilderness. Psychedelic, chaotic, creepy and completely deranged sonic assaults composed in a basement in a small town 8 hours from Baltimore/DC, Widow's Bath's hometown. Throughout these tracks, one-third of what you hear is by a contributor who specifically asked to remain anonymous. Armed with an array of hand-made electronics, a towering stack of speakers and so much jumbled madness inside the hearts in the room that self-expression was barely achieved. Something is off on this whole recording. You can tell.


Patient Belongings - Glowing Over Mars Hills c66 - RB-107

Deep synth-scapes that cross much sonic and emotional territory. Modern zone-out drones, David Lynch-esque journeys down the open road through the midwest, distant and reverberated riffage… Distinct movements reinstating and emphasizing mere existence with a soft glow and a moderate pace. Pulsing sans aggression, fading in and out without a head spin, not too calm, not too bright, so real. This is not what you'd expect from Ben Brucato, the owner of the Cathartic Process label and a harsh noise outlet called Clew Of Theseus.


Kilgore Trout/False Flag - split recycled tape - RB-106

Kilgore Trout, a northern Virginia-based band running the gamut between sappy, raw, throat-bleeding screamo to ambient, noise and all in between. Male/female vocals, harsh feedback, guitar-bass-drums instrumentation. For fans of Cult Ritual, Love Lost But Not Forgotten, I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook, Welcome The Plague Year and Orchid. Side B is False Flag completely ruining Kilgore's side with a disgusting remix of harsh, power electronics-esque that sounds like the end of the world narrated by two pissed off motherfuckers.


Pregnant Spore - Ache For c92 - RB-105

Meditative. Diverse indulgences in voice, samples and disfigured electronics. Centered around the concept of longing. These recordings took place by accident. The tape was rolling and so was the manifestation of missing someone and something so much that it induced physical pain. With that channeled energy in these recordings, the two 45 1/2 minute pieces will pass by leaving the rest of the world behind. A dirty, scummy, hallucination born of your fears. Recommendation: Try listening at half-speed.
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