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Author Topic: Pornography Appreciation / Sexual curiousities / etc topic  (Read 609061 times)
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« Reply #960 on: September 07, 2019, 01:30:16 PM »

Sounds fun. Little stalking here and there can fill out boring week nights.

The animal crush world is fucking weird, asked many of them "why" and almost exclusively they answer with "i love animals" then generally something along the lines of "if I didn't love animals than it wouldn't feel good to hurt them", reminds me of pedophiles who say they love children. The guy who I was talking to for a few months privately would take requests from people on a forum, everything from inflating snakes until they literally pop to just shooting cats with a shotgun, but he mainly tortured rats. He said he quit because it kept him up at night and bothered him greatly even though he had made nearly 2 dozen videos up to that point.

interesting, that perspective on it hadn't occurred to me. saw kids in my youth do some violent things to animals, and participated in some regrettable actions myself, but strictly violent things never bothered me. i was specifically revolted by the idea that people were deriving sexual pleasure from it. beastiality never bothered me either, most of the animals seem into that shit. now that i ponder it deeper, i wonder why the "crash fetish" of people getting off to films of car accident victims never bothered me, nor orther violence against people for sexual pleasure.. i guess i just don't like humans as much.

Probably for the best that collapsedhole didn't murder one of the great artists of our time.

i dunno, maybe... if you're going to make extreme art, gotta go all out though... entire genocide of a species would be much more respectable, and for whatever reason, less disturbing to me.
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« Reply #961 on: September 08, 2019, 04:46:23 PM »

entire genocide of a species would be much more respectable, and for whatever reason, less disturbing to me.

Much easier I think to hate (and love, two sides of possibly identical coin) that which you (think you) know. But trust me. Squirry the Squirrel is one bad mother etc.

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« Reply #962 on: May 24, 2020, 10:41:54 PM »

awfully quiet here so here's this:


plenty more interviews all over the place...
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« Reply #963 on: July 17, 2020, 06:43:56 PM »

i guess i just don't like humans as much.

I don't think many people really do anymore, not even the pseudo-egalitarian equality pushers, not even the average pacified Joe. Misanthropy is far more common than we know.. But I digress.

In a similar vein as previous posts: https://www.todocoleccion.net/coleccionismo-adultos-peliculas/las-angulas-placer-vhs-eels-for-pleasure-vhs-papillon-films~x105615288
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« Reply #964 on: January 15, 2021, 07:47:08 PM »

Does someone actually know what series of porn is used in Clinic of Torture live performances? And in the album’s artwork aswell.
I know that is some really underground european amateur porn but never found any information
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