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Author Topic: Best / Worst of 2019  (Read 6875 times)
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andy vomit
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« Reply #45 on: January 07, 2020, 04:27:56 PM »

some favorites from 2019:

Meatpacker - Negative Impact
Terror Cell Unit - Dedicated to All Spree Shooters
STAB Electronics - Enemy of Pigs
Megaptera - A Horse in the Eye is Part of the Art
Nordvargr - Daath
Urschmerz - Misery Plan
Striations - Keepsakes
Taeter - Magnum Opus

there are others, i'm sure..

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« Reply #46 on: January 15, 2020, 07:51:55 PM »


OCHU - Unproduktiw 12" (Verlautbarung)
Came out new years eve 2018, so what the hell. Some sort of perfect middle ground between his more rough tape days and his latter day skills. Tvärsnitt was a hazy mountain trip, Unproduktiw is pure unease. Master at work.

V/A - Bidödaren 12" (Ferns Recordings)
Super solid compilation, both thematically and quality wise. Colley, Small Cruel Party, Tarab, Menche, BJ Nilsen etc...

PIECES - S/t 12" (White Centipede Noise)
The 2013 cassette was brilliant. This takes off from its endnote, and tightens the straps even more. Noise to grind your teeth to.

RUSALKA - Base Waters 12" (Absurd Exposition)
Epic harsh noise. I always come to think of Aube when I listen to Rusalka, even though it doesn't quite sound like him. I think it comes down to how much care and effort they put into their work, and well, how vast it always sounds.

GLASS HALF & HEAT SIGNATURE - The Dark Relief MC (self-released)
Unfairly limited tour tape. This is just 40 minutes of all out carnage, but thouroghly made carnage. Their not youths, these fellas, but it sure sounds like they're shitting rage hormones all over the place.

HEAT SIGNATURE - Dehumanization In Progress CD (Oxen)
This really was Heat Signature's year, obviously. I donät like picking two releases from the same artists for year end lists, but what can you do. Perfecting the americanoise sound and pushing it forward.

KIRAN ARORA - Formication CD (Prose Nagge)
Might be the shocker of the year. I really like what I've heard from him before, but this... Snorting dead bugs is what this album is all about.

TRERIKSRÖSET - Kristen Musik Från Rågsved LP (Harbinger)
TRERIKSRÖSET - S/t MC (self-released)
Another case of not being able to pick just one. Kristen Musik for being so elegantly violent. Side B might be the harsh noise piece of the decade. The tape for being an incredible C62 recorded live to tape (who else does that these days?)

WINCE - Shame CD (White Centipede Noise)
A perfect marriage between the pummeling of The Older Generation and the restrained textural blowtorch tickle tease of Traum.

JEPH JERMAN - Arcane Facture CD (White Centipede Noise)
Here he comes, a drunken amputee archeologist, uncarefully rummaging through fragile ancient finds at the dig site, creating quite a symphony.

WORTH - Hidden In Christ MC (Self Abuse)
Not only does he always manage to make something that feels new and unexpected, it's also fuckin spine chilling. This is his best since the fantastic Blinder.

There were many many more great noise releases this year, but I feel like favoring (and encouraging) what I feel are solid albums. Less C20's, more albums!


Paranoid Time  - Summer Scum, Cincinnati
Testicle Hazard - Teater Trixter, Gothenburg
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