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Author Topic: ACID POLICE ETERNAL - rainbow bridge/egyptian tea FREE comp  (Read 1439 times)
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« on: June 17, 2011, 12:52:11 AM »

Here we are with the first edition of Acid Police Eternal, a series of free net compilations co-released with the Egyptian Tea label. These compilations will focus on all aspects of noise and avant sound... everything from harsh walls to sparse and quiet experimentation. Featured on this compilation we have Mold Omen, Gluttoness, James Douglas, Sid Yiddish, Heartstrung, Cincinnatus C, Dementia And Hope Trails, Inappropriate King Live, Zebra Mu, False Flag, Ground Zero Mosque, Syntho Maggot and Breakdancing Ronald Reagan. There are 20 tracks because some artists provided more than 1 track each.

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?999t9q6qk59zm64

1. Syntho Maggot - Bye
2. James Douglas - Ambivalent Scheming
3. Inappropriate King Live - So Happy
4. Ground Zero Mosque - Pranks
5. Gluttoness - Violent Inertia
6. Dementia And Hope Trails - Soaring, Skimming Treetops, Wrapped In A Blanket
7. Breakdancing Ronald Reagan - There Is In Fact A Bubble In My Face
8. Sid Yiddish + $2 Cockroach - MykelBoardWeaselSqueezer
9. Mold Omen - Wurlitzer
10. James Douglas - They're Already Inside
11. Heartstrung - The Blood On My Ceiling Never Started To Drip
12. Rubbish - American Noise Disaster
13. Sid Yiddish + Vitawrapmand - Flow!Er!Pow!Er!Foxbelly
14. Gluttoness - Heaping Jazz Corpses
15. Cincinnatus C - An Insincere Display Of Confidence
16. False Flag - Eating Away At Humanity
17. James Douglas - The Door Is Locked
18. Sid Yiddish - Solo For Throat And Spitstream
19. Gluttoness - Sugarsweat
20. Zebra Mu - Microphone Drill (Live)
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