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Author Topic: BEARTOWN - raxil4 C30 / Infinite Space Infinite Stars C20  (Read 1118 times)
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www.beartownrecords.com <-- samples and ordering

raxil4 - Untitled (C30) - £4 including worldwide delivery.

We first laid ears on raxil4 as it rolled from our radio, tuned as we were, to the formidable ILLFM. Droning dead stations, lumbering low-end static, and piercing mosquito whines combine with long lost choirs of marooned AM singals.

Buzzing street lamps, the echoing yawn of flexing metal, and ambient bleep-scapes are all shrouded in a thick fog of tape hiss and delay. You're working the night-shift and drinking beef tea in the abandoned drop forge.

Dubbed with variable beginnings, each tape is unique - 40 minutes of music distrobuted randomly over 30 minutes of magnetic tape.

 Edition of 32. With monochrome artwork.

Infinite Space Infinite Stars - Untitled (C20) - £4 including worldwide delivery.

INFINITE SPACE INFINITE STARS are London-based Andie Brown, and Louis Caldarola. On side A, they present a devotional space-dust wasteland symphony. Moaning sine-wave laments drift and glide effortlessly across a washed-out tundra of sweeping white-noise, while the approaching drone-wall glacier inches its way closer and closer to a soggy demise in a wam sea of triumphant crystalline keyboard cadences. Side B sees the snow drift thicken, only tiny specks of sunlight now visible beneath an ever increasing blanket of pure arctic harmonies.

Definitely one for lying face down on a beanbag, with the lights down and the volume up - as purifying and affirming as three hours chanting plainsong with a load of vegetarian noise-monks. Music of the spheres for sure.

Edition of 35. With "stone-effect" on-tape stickers and "mind-maze" artwork.

www.beartownrecords.com <-- samples and ordering
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