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June 01, 2023, 01:30:01 PM *
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Author Topic: SPECIAL INTERESTS #14 AND #15 (march 2023)  (Read 2866 times)
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Now, Special Interests 14 & 15 is sort of double issue. Not two-in-one style, but two magazines published at once. To explain in length why so, may be unnecessary. In short, when I was finally looking into doing new issue, there was enough material to make two. I did not want to make one massive issue but keep it in lines of how former issues have been. With only difference being that in favor or readability, font size and type has been made slightly better.

Both issue A4 and 48 pages. Color covers, black & white inside.

SI #14

Decondition by: Mikko A

Arvo Zylo by: Janet Willis

Desgranges / Rectal Nylon by: Marzipan Hooligan

Narcolepsia label by: Marzipan Hooligan, Mikko Polus, Mikko A

Moozzhead by: Marzipan Hooligan + Mikko A photos by Amek-Maj & Mogao

MIA / Neons by: Marzipan Hooligan

Sodomy From Beyond / Depravar by: Marzipan Hooligan

Personality and noise, essay by Mikko A

SI #15

Vincent Dallas by: Marzipan Hooligan

YANA by: Mikko Polus

Legion of Andromeda by: Marzipan Hooligan

Vomit Arsonist by Stephen Petrus

Hive Mind by Stephen Petrus

New Finnish Noise 2022 by Mikko A, Mikko Polus, Veikko Rajanen, Mika Tuomikari

Zardoz essay by Mikko A

Erehwon & Neck Of Chaos by Takahiko Yokoyama

- - -

For wholesale / distribution inquiries, contact Freak Animal.

To purchase zines, if your preferred distributors doesn’t carry magazine, ask them if they can arrange them.

Available also from:

E-mail: fanimal +a+ cfprod,com
MAGAZINE: http://www.special-interests.net
LABEL / DISTRIBUTION: FREAK ANIMAL http://www.nhfastore.net
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