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Author Topic: “No Point” CDr (Toxic Industries) + review on Nihilistic Propaganda  (Read 985 times)
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« on: April 22, 2011, 10:22:31 PM »

cat#: Xi023
artist: A.R.GH
title: No Point
genre: harsh noise wall
format: cdr ltd. 33
released: 2011-03-26
What’s the point of anything?
…we are nothing. Worthless walls.

TRT 46:42:58

01. Untitled 9:11
02. Untitled 11:26
03. Untitled 26:04

Review on Nihilistic Propaganda:

This release is the epitome of nihilsm.
“What’s the point of anything? …We are nothing. Worthless walls” An appropriate and fitting info on the back of the sleeve, presented by this Chilean project.

The first track, is a perfect opening wall into this bitter and dark brutality. A constant battle between a titanic bass judder and a crunchy, uncompromising slices of static, mixed in a maelstorm of brutal, yet bleak and desperate noise. The whole wall is highly entrancing, and reminiscing of waves crushing endlessly onto the rocks. Truly a great wall, brutal and dark.

The second track is a stark and pounding wall, constantly battering the listener with a crude mix of crackling noise and a backing monolithic hum. The hum is perfectly engulfing and captivating in its own grandeur, and mixed with the static, provides for a brutal and destroying wall.Near the end, the elements disperse, leaving only a lonesome rattle that soon dies off, thus ending the wall.

The final, third track, is a muffled and omnious, harsh-static dominated wall. As the listener goes further into the track, the engulfing hum comes into the first plan, overwhelming and bleak, shadowing the static in its monumentality. The wall is dark and omnious, yet brutal in its own way. At one point the static completely dissapears, showing the true face behind the hum, a crude bass, riddled with small static punctuations. Soon after, the whole thing starts again. Crushing, brutal mix of the hum, now accompanied with a thunderous harsh static.
These changes appear a few more times through the wall. Dispersion of static, leaving the hum on its own, then appearing again, more violent then before. At one point, the static doesn’t return, thus leaving the hum to slowly fade out, ending the wall.

This higly enjoyed release consists of trully brutal, devastating, and yet bleak and hateful walls, and is a recommendation to all HNWallers.


Purchase and samples:

http://argh.bandcamp.com/album/no-point   $7 USD ppd (Universe)




still available:
"Clonazepam" http://argh.bandcamp.com/album/clonazepam

deal: "No point" + "Clonazepam" $13 usd ppd (Universe) , just a few copies left...

contact: argh.project @ gmail . com
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