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Author Topic: FS: Linekraft, Prurient, Wonderland Club, IOPS, FFH, Soft Option Killing+++  (Read 1180 times)
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« on: May 26, 2022, 12:12:30 AM »

Selling some tapes, CDs and records I don't need. Eager to free up shelf space and open to haggling as long as you want more than one item, let me know what you have in mind and we'll go from there.
The most played of these have gotten played 4-5 times and most of them are practically untouched.
Only shipping across Europe. Contact via PM. Thanks.


Ahlzagailzehguh - Ex-Life (No Rent) 7EUR
Âmes Sanglantes / Autoerotichrist / Hermit – Worldwide D.I.Y. Underground (Hospital) 7EUR
Barbie Doll In Red Ink ‎– Electric Chair Run Cold (Hospital) 12EUR
Bone Awl - Almost Dead Man (2018 reissue, Klaxon) 6EUR
Celebrity Appreciation Society – Selected Case Studies Volume 3: Idol (tape + book, IOPS) 30EUR
Clinic Of Torture – Rohrstockliebe (tape + booklet, IOPS) 14EUR
Cloister - Rope & Pulley (Hospital) 11EUR
Country Club – The Pigs Unscathed (Hospital) 10EUR
Expose Your Eyes - Poissant Rouge (Total Black) 7EUR
FFH - Symbol To Be Forgotten (No Rent) 15EUR
Hail Conjurer - Erotic Hell (New Era Productions) 5EUR
Industria Masoquista / Âmes Sanglantes – Rigidez/Metallized (Hospital) 12EUR
Jim Haynes - Incomplete (No Rent) 7EUR
Kinbakushi – Construction Site Bondage (tape + booklet, IOPS) 14EUR
Linekraft - Industrialized Criminals History (Hospital) 20EUR
Linekraft – 33 Purgatories (Zaetraom) 20UR
Murder Machine - Mafia Napalm (Hospital) 11EUR
Nord - Live Materials (2020 reissue, Vanilla Records) 12EUR
Prurient - Garden Of The Mutilated Paratroopers 2CS (Hospital) 18EUR
Punksploitation - Hustling At The Gates Of Helter Skelter (Hospital) 11EUR
Sadio - Copycat Killer (Freak Animal) 5EUR
Silence Of Vacuum – 6: The Rubberist (tape + booklet, IOPS) 14EUR
Smell & Quim - Quimtessence (2019 reissue, Total Black) 15EUR
Soft Option Killing - Reprisal (self-released) 12EUR
Soft Option Killing - Untitled (self-released) 12EUR
Soft Option Killing - Rogue State (Unrest) 6EUR
Striations - Trauma Code 2 (Gutter Bloat) 7EUR
T. Mikawa / Aaron Dilloway & C. Spencer Yeh – Live At Torn Light (No Reponse) 7EUR
Various Auras (Alessandro Cortini, Lussuria, Kevin Drumm, Regis / Prurient) - A Bird's Eye View Into A Machiavellian World Of Secrecy 4CS (white clamshell version, Hospital) 30EUR
Wilt / Prurient - Bottomfeeding Whore (Turgid Animal) 15EUR
Wonderland Club - Pageant (IOPS) 15EUR
Worth - Gone Down (Bacteria Field) 20EUR
Yellow Gas Flames - Zen Carbon Monoxide (Hospital) 11EUR

CDs, 7EUR unless noted otherwise:

Ashley C - Drift (Freak Animal) 5EUR
Bizarre Uproar – Melting Pot Of Cultures (Freak Animal)
Bug Bus Piano - Whispering Window (self-released) 6EUR
Cloama - Embargoed (Freak Animal)
Contagious Orgasm - Thin Skinned (Industrial Recollections)
Crawl Of Time - Operation Black Widow (Chondritic Sound)
Deathroes - Hate Fuck (Troniks) 5EUR
Death Squad - Sarin (Autarkeia)
Eric Lunde - Colorado Terrain Investigation (Industrial Recollections) 7EUR
Gate To Gate - I Turn Black Keys (PACrec) 4EUR
Jaakko Vanhala – Cuts Of Grace (Freak Animal) 6EUR
John Duncan - John See Soundtracks (RRR)
Junkyard Shaman - Flesh Hole (Freak Animal)
Kenoun - The Route Of Severity (Prose Nagge) 6EUR
Mania - Raw Nerves & Unseen Eyes (Freak Animal)
Merzbow & John Wiese - Multiplication (Misanthropic Agenda)
Moozzhead - Sideboob Shenanigans (Freak Animal)
Moral Order - Krypteia (Malignant) 8EUR
OVMN - Throbbing Pulse (Troniks)
Robert Turman - Chapter Eleven (4CD, Hanson) 33EUR
Robert Turman - Beyond Painting (Chondritic Sound)
Sadio – Questionable Pleasures (Freak Animal)
Savage Gospel - Savage Gospel (White Centipede Noise)
Scald Hymn – Instance Of Home (Troniks)
SIXES - Cursed Beast (Troniks) 5EUR
Skull Sküll - Count To One (Troniks)
Striations - Keepsakes (Freak Animal)
Smell & Quim – Pushy Gothic Gnome Versus Charity Techno Gnome (Chondritic Sound)
Trance - Ancient History (Troniks)
Various – Terässinfonia Vol. 1 (Freak Animal)
Vigilantism - Incessant Authority (Freak Animal)
Yana - Chimerism (Freak Animal)
Z.O. Voider – Perpendicular Groove (Chondritic Sound)
Zwangsbeglucktertum – An Appeal To Reason (Prose Nagge) 6EUR


Half Mortal - Cut Off From The World (standard black vinyl, Hospital) 20EUR
Kelly Moran / Prurient ‎– Chain Reaction At Dusk (standard black vinyl, Hospital) 20EUR
Laureate - Eurekaphilia (standard black vinyl, Hospital) 18EUR
Linekraft / Alberich – Shock Industrialization (standard black vinyl, Hospital) 16EUR
Merzbow / Prurient – Black Crows Cyborg (standard black vinyl, Hospital) 20EUR
Sadio - Piss Drinking Slut (7", Freak Animal) 8EUR
Serpent Crest - Ritual Euthanasia (first edition picture disc, New Era Productions) 22EUR
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« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2022, 11:01:11 AM »

I bought a tape from this seller and he sent right away in good and sturdy packaging. It all went smoothly and I can only recommend him!
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« Reply #2 on: June 16, 2022, 06:51:11 PM »

I bought some CDs from this seller. Communication was excellent, items fairly priced and in as new condition, packed well and shipped fast. Recommendations!
AKTI Records
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« Reply #3 on: June 17, 2022, 03:32:32 PM »

Same thing here. All went really well. Good prices and excelent package.
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« Reply #4 on: June 18, 2022, 11:04:42 AM »

Yes, great seller!
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« Reply #5 on: June 23, 2022, 09:24:41 PM »

Update. Quite a lot of stuff gone, some new stuff added.
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