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Author Topic: Interesting www/blogs still visiting?  (Read 3735 times)
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« Reply #30 on: January 13, 2022, 10:14:04 AM »

I see myself been drifting away from a lot of "internet". Not part of most social media, except a bit of facebook, where I don't follow people, but couple groups. Apart of this forum, seems like not really even forums or websites where I would go search things.
I do like the idea of independent creativity, and occasionally talked with friends, what are places in www where something interesting is being done. Instead of googling around without direction or clicking random things appearing in your feed, could be good topic to do it the old way: Link list.

Now that most label and band sites are just uniform corporation platforms selling things, I am more interested in writing and critique. Places that would include some kind of vision

I was never big fan of Quietus. I did notice when Adam Lehrer was booted out from staff, and his website included quite detailed response which could be interesting.

Perhaps severing ties to big music media nonsense is good way to go, when indeed one can just pursue writing regardless of not doing it for big platform. I am quite sure, something like this one piece linked below, could have never been done for media like Quietus. Everybody else seemingly trying to avoid any trouble, but Lehrer seemed like one rare case of standing in defense of industrial artform against low-IQ online hysteria.

This would be first link I'd share. Best would be not to flood thousand pages here, but pick up relevant, and tell why others should pay attention.  

Yeah safety propaganda was one of the first things that came to mind.

provides concise cross-genre music reviews, mixtapes/compilations, and commentary on other forms of art/media. Pretty personal in the sense that the guy who writes it is clearly just sharing personal takes with, its chill and low demand. Writing style is pretty general, things don’t get lengthy.

Not entirely on topic but
Is a website dedicated to drug/trip reports of all classes and categories, theres plenty of interesting reads here especially if you’re looking to read something real and personable without any surface level internet bs pertaining to drug experiences.

This is a blog, book + media shop.
Well curated offering interesting and thorough dives into the artists they cover, I also recommend reading Ill Tomb Era 1-4 on the Books page, really good stuff, actually probably my #1 link rec out of what I listed

But yeah, Ive recently stepped away from social media, instagram in particular because I needed to create an environment for my attention span to grow, also got really tired of frequent brain rot. Ever since really letting go for a long period of time the stimulus of the “real world” has become more vibrant and my passions are no longer dormant. 10/10 rec
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