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Author Topic: Keränen / Umpio / Vanhala - Scandinavian Tour, May 2011  (Read 2717 times)
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Jaakko V.
« on: March 15, 2011, 12:26:47 PM »

7th - Podium, Oslo
Testicle Hazard, Umpio, Vanhala,
Maranata + Maja Ratkje,
Sten Ove Toft + Kjetil Hansen

8th - Utmarken, Gothenburg
Keränen, Umpio, Vanhala

10th - Insikten/Kulturhuset, Jönköping
Keränen, Umpio, Vanhala, Vorg

13th - Mayhem, Copenhagen
Keränen, Umpio, Vanhala, Pär Thörn + TR Kirstein, Ürinals

Tommi Keränen brews up a vivid and messy stew of electronic chaos with whatever tools suitable for the purpose. Since starting the noise activities around mid-00' he has performed extensively in his homeland as well as abroad, including live collaborations with Incapacitants (documented on "Burning Orange" CD), Pain Jerk, Dror Feiler and many others. In addition to solo aktions, Keränen is also a member of Testicle Hazard, Les Manures, and Gentle Evil. http://keranen.anoema.com/

Umpio means vacuum in Finnish language. As in a light bulb. Voodoo noise & junk electronix since 2007. http://www.umpio.com/

Previously known from the Finnish underground projects Zoät-Aon and I.corax, Jaakko Vanhala from Oulu, north of the country, is now performing solo material under his own name. Defying strict categorization, the music combines experimental electronics, shattered noises and ecstatic drones to an original outcome. While new releases are being planned for 2011, the tour performances shall give a glimpse of things about to come! http://vanhala.zoat-aon.com/
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Jaakko V.
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2011, 01:53:06 AM »

One more gig added - Jönköping on 10th.
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« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2011, 12:04:47 PM »

Ürinals (harsh acoustics, tone generators & analog synths) are playing at the Copenhagen gig too.

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« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2011, 09:04:14 AM »

ok niggaz...

survived the tour without any mishaps. multi thanks to the people who helped out, had us staying in their homes, fed us and provided The Claw!!!

ca 50 people. Testicle Hazard played chaotic set of cracked electronics with chaotic mess of wires and pedals flying around. Vanhala next, modular avalanches had the PA flapping with sound pressure. Toft/Hansen did floor show of mic swallowing drool slime action with guitar hanging from PA +pedal feedback. Umpio next, cut-up dissection of metal things. Manarata + Maja did slowly growing wall starting with Maja doing voice + laptop freakout which unfortunately got buried under ever rising baritone guitar crunch and sax screech. Gisle gave us a roof on our heads for the night and oslo parking hall expenses were the most buttfucking obnoxious.

ca 20 people. Vanhala opened with nice avalanche and longer set. Umpio next, ok set of junk metal crunch. Keränen last, ok set of crazy pedal lazer attak, amps acting up added chaos theatrics by needing to be kicked to wake up. Also celebrating the release of his new drone CD on Ljud & Bild Produktion. Trading records and tapes for junkstruments, less to carry home, ha!! It was an honour to play at Utmarken and to see Release The Bats shop. Sewer Dan + Hannah put up with our snoring + stinky socks like it aint nothing.

ca 3 people, of which 1 stayed all evening. Best sound system on this one. Local artist Vorgr started out with classic hnw set, minimal setup and pretty static crunch load, tapes + 3 fuzz pedals in mono thunder. Vanhala next, fukin intense and killer set. Umpio next, this time playin a crushing swans/godflesh spirited set of slower heavy stomper shit. Keränen last, playing his best set of these, cool episodes flowing into each other, one segment fading to make room for the next, and proving masterful skillz, which is what more people should have witnessed, but since nobody came you suckers can only imagine what a good set is when it is this amazing. Good moods despite "intimate" happening. Lousy grandpa me went to sleep, the others went drinkin downtown...

ca 40 (?) people. Urinals started out with metal bashing heavy klonks and synth buzz/screeches mountain, loud and rumbling. Next Kirstein/Thorn did spooky tape+feedback performance, high tones from 4 or 5 cassette players layered slowly, screams, and tape echo picking up lofi sounds from tape player speakers via handheld crap mic, totally hypnotizing everyone in the room. Vanhala next, merciless avalanche of harsh modular synth abuse. Hard to say if this was better than Jönköping, well at least as good. Next Umpio set continuing the stomper grooves, several cuts on my hands afterwards. Keränen played a chaotic intoxicated thing called "a set", reminding me of an elephant doing brain surgery on a cat. Also Posh Isolation folks celebrating the new batch of releases, out that night. Ashley C gave us a roof on our heads, too much meat in the fridge and provided great music listening times.

Great music heard on the road: Lettera22, Philip Corner, Ritual Music from Northern China, Autechre, Fats Domino, Gothenburg 1984 comp, Control, unreleased Ashley C stuff, etc etc + comedy value provided by many hilarious metal cd's considered "classics"

hope to upload pictures sooner than later... and hope to meet you all again soon.
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« Reply #4 on: May 16, 2011, 10:40:23 AM »

Gothenburg show was great, even though a very small audience (Sunday, very nice weather outside for once, GAS-festival in town the same weekend etc). Enjoyed all sets, but i think Umpio impressed on me the most this evening. Nice ending with Pentti having a crash course in old jazz for a few drunken Swedes at the RTB headquarter.
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