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Author Topic: Screwtape - Online Onslaught For March  (Read 1423 times)
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Andrew McIntosh
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« on: March 12, 2011, 08:52:40 AM »

Larvae Of The North Wind

Recorded in 1996, before even N.FIOS, this attempts to represent the hot, sometimes sluggish but often aggressive North wind as it comes to Melbourne, bringing heat and flies from the deserts.

Rutilus Sperma

Recorded last year. Psychedelic Industrial. "Psychedelic" in the attempt to meld mental audio into new suggestions of sound, "Industrial" in the attempt to make it hard, rusted and more in "the real" than the mind. Only you can judge if it succeeds or not.

Shit On Legs

In 2009 I shat out a piece of harsh synthesiser Noise that I plonked onto cdr, wrapped in aluminium foil and sent around. Too quickly, with too little thought. This, however, satisfies the urge I had then and now to put into Noise my contempt for my bogan neighbours. Re-structured rather than "re-mixed", after editing out the bullshit bits, this is the spiral it should have been at that time.

Old King Log

Using only leads into pedals, this is a deliberately quiet piece, punctuated with quotes from that superb BBC drama "I, Claudius". At the moment when the emperor realises that democracy does not sit well within an empire, he decides to let vileness and corruption have it's day.

Nuclear Sunrise

At the same time as recording Fist Of The Sun, I spent a drunken night leaving that work to satisfy some other urges. This piece of Doom Electronics almost wrote itself; the lyrics, in particular, are an improvisation on the comparison between Adam (the first) watching the premier sunrise and yourself (the last) watching the final, a glorious mushroom cloud in lieu of the sun itself.
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"Unless suffering is the direct and immediate object of life, our existence must entirely fail of its aim." - Schopenhauer.

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