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Author Topic: New Forces Winter Batch: Sharpwaist, Corpuscle, El-Ahrairah  (Read 1534 times)
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« on: March 04, 2011, 07:22:45 PM »

Pleased to announce a new batch of tapes on New Forces, with releases from Sharpwaist, Corpuscle, and El-Ahrairah. Payment information is at the bottom of the post. Sound samples here: http://www.chondriticsound.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=43807

Sharpwaist - Sucking from the Breast of a Castrator
This new release  of cold industrial throbbing and violent power electronics from Sharpwaist finds Kristen Rose of Sewer Goddess joining the project, adding to an already strong foundation. "Sucking from the Breast of a Castrator" builds on past releases for Razors & Medicine, Negation is Freedom, Nil By Mouth, and Phage Tapes, and further refines Sharpwaist's synthesis of death-industrial, heavy electronics, and harsh vocals. My favorite release from the project thus far. 6 tracks in 30 minutes, edition of 50 tapes.

El-Ahrairah - Rotted Roots
A slight change of pace for New Forces, El-Ahrairah is a black metal project from Minnesota. Early releases took a raw approach to black metal that eschewed blown out stomping in favor of a more triumphant and organic sound that was both melodic and powerful, and Rotted Roots furthers this approach. Side A is a 20 minute long mediation, total trance-inducing black metal minimalism with a riff that grows and grows as the track soars to its conclusion. Side B is an instrumental track featuring manipulated samples from the Jonestown Tapes laid over buried guitar and formless screaming. The recorded voices discuss the nature of liberation, freedom, struggle and life, until several minutes in when you realize they are all about to commit "revolutionary suicide" in the largest single loss of American life until the events of September 11th. Completely haunting reflections on life/death. Edition of 50 tapes.

Corpuscle - Loam Drape
Sophomore release of this newer power electronics act from Boston. Their first tape, "Jaguar Mask," was released last year on Waterpower and was very well received. Jaguar Mask was a completely raw and violent assault, and Loam Drape takes this intensity and filters it into a much more focused and composed release of dirty and piercing power electronics. Based around a schizophrenic who thinks his sister is infecting his body, "Loam Drape" plays on Oedipal and incestuous desires of motherhood and chastity, making for a release that is both disturbing and powerful, alternating between filth and raw power. Loam, the fertile womb-soil with vaginal curtains draped over and around it, or Loam Drape, the soil draped over a corpse that becomes more fertile as the body decomposes... 6 tracks in 30 minutes, edition of 50 tapes

Sorry about the glare on the pictures. While supplies last, all orders will receive a stylish New Forces 1" button.

Tapes are 6.50$ ppd (United States) / 8.50$ ppd (Rest of the World)
paypal to newforcesnoise at gmail dot com to order

Still available, most down to the last copies:
Koufar - The Death Of Myself (very limited quantities, email first)
Being - Slated For Evacuation
Baculum - On High In Blue Tomorrows
Breaking The Will - German Autumn
Breaking The Will - Normalization
Ryan Bloomer - Punch Pugs

Stay tuned for upcoming releases, including a HNW cassette box featuring Death Laid An Egg, I Am A Slut, White Plague, and The Sun Turns Black, and a Crash At Every Speed 2xCS + Shirt release, as well as more to be revealed later...

Thanks for the continued support.
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