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Author Topic: Metgumbnerbone 2CD  (Read 1621 times)
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Mr Klang
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Anomalous are the only distro in the US who stock the 2CD although they quickly sold out. However, they will have more very soon. They will also have more of the pin and patch.

''Anthropological Field Recordings For The Dispossessed,’ a generous 2+ hours of recordings wrapped in a typically enigmatic and low-on-information package that rounds up 'Ligeliahorn,' 'For The Raven' and several previously unreleased material. The first thing I noted upon listening was how much more rhythmic much of the non-‘Ligeliahorn’ material is compared to that album and 'The Curfew Recordings.' The sound and character of the performances differ per location; ranging from ‘dry’ recordings to sessions with massive natural reverb and from almost serene sessions to brutal shamanic drumming. There are sporadic voices buried in the sound and whereas most performances are improvised and unstructured, some are more rhythmic and structured. It sounds as if the Metgumbnerbone is guided rather by the location, than intention, which is a good thing. This far more complete double CD is a fascinating listen which, while shining light on Metgumbnerbone’s darkness, does not provide many answers. And all the better for it. ‘Anthropological Field Recordings For The Dispossessed’ is the essential soundtrack to your clandestine late-night activities.' Freek Kinkelaar, Vital.
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