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Author Topic: NRR122: Nacatero - "The Presence of Evil" C40  (Read 209 times)
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NRR122: Nacatero The Presence of Evil C40

store: https://www.norentrecords.com/shop/nrr122-nacatero-the-presence-of-evil-c40
bandcamp: https://norentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-presence-of-evil-nrr122

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKIxhbJtoj4&t=186s
soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/no-rent-records/nacatero-exterminio
Nacatero is the harsh noise project of Carlos Ayala, based out of Monterrey, Mexico. Spawned in 2015, "nacatero" comes from the ancient language of Náhuatl, and translates to "butcher". A fitting title. Nacatero- (the logo inspired by the band Sarcofago) is an important new voice in the annals of North American noise, receiving his first physical

This recording is an auditory assault, matter of fact, non-glamorized violence. Even the more restrained tracks tread lightly in their calmer territory, war-zone still in earshot, but for a short time - a feigned sense of security, a moment for introspection.

An intense range of styles unfold as the album progresses; from Atrax-y dead synth drones to Network Glass- adjacent Baltimore militarized abstractions, from Thirdorgan's 'everything at once' noise to good old "American Harsh Noise" typified by projects like Skin Graft. These comparisons are mentioned only to illustrate the scope of this project; ultimately, these sounds are his own.

This tape is a brilliantly executed product from a mind set forth to progress even further, sharpening the knives that others hadn't even had the chance to declare dull.

Without the mediocritizing influence of social capital burning scenes and their back pat based growth stunting, watch this space for the potential of new noise. The only thing worth supporting.

- Jason Crumer/Rush Falknor

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