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Author Topic: NRR121: Jason Lescalleet - "20th Century Music" C50  (Read 251 times)
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NRR121: Jason Lescalleet 20th Century Music C50
NO RENT is proud to present Jason Lescalleet's "20th Century Music." This recording consists of archival recordings from the mid to late 90's documenting a watermark era in noise; a rare trek into pure, tough, honestly simple brutality from one of the American masters.

This release contains the seeds of what would define his career in the following years: breathtaking fidelity, clarity of vision and earnest uncluttered sonic thinking, with a playful youthfulness that comes from not realizing he was living through a golden era while making it. - JC (sept 19)

Edition of 100

store https://www.norentrecords.com/shop/nrr121-jason-lescalleet-20th-century-music-c50
bandcamp https://norentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/20th-century-music-nrr121

soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/no-rent-records/jason-lescalleet-head-of-the-maja-lowell-1997
youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w50DFSWRsjI&t=114s

67 available from NRR, 33 hand-numbered copies available directly from the artist at shows in Houston and Dallas next weekend.

9/27 at the Flatland Gallery,
1709 Westheimer Rd,
Houston, Texas 77098

9/29 at the Power Station Art Space,
3816 Commerce St,
Dallas, TX 75226

Additional notes on this recording

PEENING AND PEALING contains some of my earliest feedback work. The first half is taken from an intro to a mixtape that I made for my brother in 1996. The second half comes from a 1997 studio experiment recorded while working on the material that became the ELECTRONIC MUSIC LP on RRRecords in 2003.

MUSIC FOR VOICE PIANO AND TAPE begins with a field recording from July 11, 2019 and evolves into an undated piano and tape work from sometime between 1995 and 2001.

HEAD OF THE MAJA was the duo of David Quinn and me that existed from 1996 to 1998. This is an excerpt from our first performance, constructed from the opening and closing moments of our set. Recorded by Ron Lessard at RRRecords in 1997. Mr. Quinn also appears on Combine XXIII of the 2001 Fin De La Voix CD by Due Process as well as the RRR-500 Lock Groove LP
in 1998 (as DJ T.A. Quinn).

I AM SITTING IN A SMALL METAL ROOM is a performace recorded at an undocumented location in 1998. Inspired by the flowchart illustration in Joe Colley's Chime Vortex cassette, I utilized three mono 1/4" reel-to-reels, two Peavey KB300 amps, and one Gorilla GG-20. I laid the Gorilla on its back and attached a contact mic to various objects that I rested on the speaker of
the amp. The contact mic was fed to a recording deck with a long tapeloop threaded from that deck through the other two decks. The monitor line from the recording deck fed the Gorilla amp while the outputs from the other two decks fed the two KB300's. This exercise evolved from this performance to a piece that I called "The Seven Bowls". I performed "The Seven Bowls" a few
times at various concerts around New England in the late 90's and early 00's but I haven't been able to find any recordings. (Perhaps I might find something if I ever spend the time to listen through my collection of old unlabelled mini-discs.)

ALONE AGAIN is a recently discovered undated cassette recording of an early experiment with granular synthesis and tape.

- JASON LESCALLEET (September '19)

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