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 on: October 18, 2020, 10:55:58 PM 
Started by SU - Last post by sterilization
That makes me feel a bit better that I’m not alone. Assuming that everyone’s shipped around the same time, it’s probably just taking fucking forever to arrive. I inquired about a possible tracking number but never received a response. It will probably (hopefully) arrive soon.

 on: October 18, 2020, 09:19:40 PM 
Started by SU - Last post by yosef666
Has anyone in the USA started receiving these yet? Mine shipped on august 9th and now I’m getting a little worried that’s it’s not going to show up. Post from the UK usually takes about a month nowadays.

I haven't even received my wholesale copies via Forced Exposure, they said it still hasn't arrived to their warehouse...

 on: October 18, 2020, 07:53:58 PM 
Started by slagfrenzy tapes - Last post by slagfrenzy tapes
I've thought you were tools. You USAmericans.
But from the C10 why bother topic, there was good points raised.
You look ugly. You react. It doesn't make a difference. That's why it's so condensed.

The rest/most of the world/planet vote the powers that be into power. That's how power works. And you have the little trump, that was what you voted for before. And your place on this planet is a joke.

Your condensation of frustration into a C10 works. I believe the Japanese do this too. But they vote.

Let's see what comes out of the USA after your election?

Stench through disruption.

Or as my partner says "we're watching the fall of the Roman empire in real time"

And please stop trump from twerking. Please.

 on: October 18, 2020, 07:40:04 PM 
Started by PSIL0777 - Last post by PSIL0777

Available currently only for Finnish buyers , rest of the world 2021 via our label
Size 3cm x 3cm

2€ Kpl - posti 2€
1-5 pinssiä samoilla posteilla


 on: October 18, 2020, 07:19:03 PM 
Started by Electro Surgeon - Last post by slagfrenzy tapes

This is better. It sounds like the vocalist is fighting with the background noise to be heard.
That's my issue with yr previous releases.
They have been poorly mixed...
Sorry I haven't been able to express this better before now.
Yr vocalist can do better thou, they have subject matter, but no depth with it, maybe butterflies???


 on: October 18, 2020, 05:41:16 PM 
Started by absurdexposition - Last post by absurdexposition
10/18/20: New Arrivals - Dotsmark, Lake Shark Harsh Noise, No Rent, Old Europa Cafe, Troniks, Urashima

Sent off a donation to the Shubenacadie Band Council to support Miꞌkmaw fishers in the wake of ongoing violence over Mi'kmaq fishing rights disputes. To quote and paraphrase: "In 1999, the Supreme Court of Canada affirmed that the Mi’kmaq Nation has a right to fish for a moderate livelihood based on Peace and Friendship Treaties of 1760 and 1761." But non-Mi’kmaw fishers are disputing this right and during the past week a van has been torched and "non-Mi’kmaw fishers [cut] power to the pound building, destroy[ed] the holding tank with paint thinner or chlorine and pour[ed] PVC rubber cement on lobsters." [...] "The RCMP attended the incidents but often appear to only stand by and watch." [...] "One video shows huge piles of lobsters being dumped on the ground as police in yellow reflector vests look on." The aforementioned lobster pound was just destroyed in a massive fire yesterday morning. A lot more info and news stories can be found at the APTN. This all comes after last month's death of Joyce Echaquan who "live-streamed mistreatment she was receiving from an unknown number of healthcare workers, who taunted her moments before she died in a hospital in Joliette, outside Montreal." There is a Justice for Joyce fundraiser here. The burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement has helped to elevate the conversation around indigenous lives and livelihoods, showing once again that Canada is no stranger to historical and contemporary racism as is evidenced not only by the above, but also in the ongoing Wet'suwet'en conflict (for which recurring monthly donations are sent to the Unistʼotʼen Camp) and countless other conflicts and incidents. There will be ongoing donations to similar funds in the future - this is where some of your dirty noise money goes. If interested in reading the above with clickable links throughout, go to https://www.screamandwrithe.com - Thanks for reading and enjoy the mania of the new arrivals below.

CONTROLLED DEATH – Selected Evil Death Works 2018-2019 CD
HIJOKAIDAN x SISSY SPACEK – Entropic CD (Japanese Edition)
KAZUMA KUBOTA – A Sense of Loss CD
KAZUMA KUBOTA – January Thirty + Uneasiness CD
SISSY SPACEK – Expanding Antiverse CD+DVD

No Rent
HOWARD STELZER – Invariably Falling Forward, Into the Thickets of Closure 3CD

Old Europa Cafe
ATRAX MORGUE – Atrax Morgue's Morder Machine 3CD+DVD+CS
ATRAX MORGUE – Pathophysiology CD
ATRAX MORGUE – Sickness Report / Slush of a Maniac 2CD
BLACK LEATHER JESUS – Torturous Chapter CD
RICHARD RAMIREZ – Bleeding Headwound CD
THE RITA – Medora CD
THE RITA – Raymonda CD
SMELL & QUIM – Meat / Pregnant Asian Special CD+CS
SPK - Leichenschrei CD
SPK – Live at the Crypt CD
TAINT – Savage Weapons CD

Troniks / Lake Shark Harsh Noise
OVMN – Throbbing Pulse CD

ATRAX MORGUE – Exterminate LP
CLIMAX DENIAL – In the Absence of Self-Control LP
CONTROLLED DEATH – Symphony for the Black Murder CS Wooden Box
THE GEROGERIGEGEGE – 不安な演奏 10CD Wooden Box
JASON CRUMER – Ottoman Black LP
MERZBOW – Remblandt Assemblage 2LP
T. MIKAWA - Radio Code CD
VOMIR - Black Box 6CD
VARIOUS – Black Glove Mania CD Wooden Box

Incoming: Amphetamine Sulphate, Audio Dissection, Bacteria Field, Chondritic Sound, Foul Prey, Fourth Dimension, Gilgongo, Misanthropic Agenda, Modern Decadence, Ominous Recordings, Oxen, Total Black, Troniks, White Centipede Noise


 on: October 18, 2020, 05:18:02 PM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by Zeno Marx
I havent heard anything else be Tietchens and PGR really. What does it sound like? Recommendations? I saw Tietchens live around 2004 i think, and i didn't like it. So i never bothered to check him out. But i guess his early stuff might be alot different? That last track from 1991  does not make me very curious about PGR. But the LP on RRR maybe is different? I haven't heard Thessalonians either...
There's a Tietchens thread, and I thought maybe freakanimal started a PGR thread.  Some good collaborations.

 on: October 18, 2020, 04:25:20 PM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by theworldisawarfilm
MATTIAS GUSTAFSSON - Frusen Musik CD (Careful Catalog, 2019)
Listening to some of Mattias’ records remind of my teenage years when I regularly suffered from heavy migraine. No matter how I isolated myself (locked myself up in the most quiet and remote part of the house, turned out the lights and covered my ears and eyes), it didn’t help. Gradually I started to hear more and more sounds, as if my brain little by little amplified every real and imagined sound that went on in our home. Unintelligable noise from radios and tvs, dripping sounds from pipes and taps, buzzing electricity, wood creaking etc. Each and every sound slowly getting louder and louder, moving closer and closer. Like being stuck and strapped in an audial gallery of intrusive sounds. Several Altar Of Flies recordings have the same affect on me, but thankfully without the migraine. Frusen Musik falls into this category as well, and it’s one of his very best albums to date, I think. It has this slow and slightly intoxicated trot to it, which many of his more erie records have, but rarely as perfectly paced as this one. Beautiful packaging too.

Have been listening to this one a lot lately. Don't think I've heard anything he's done that I haven't enjoyed immensely but this is for sure a standout.

 on: October 18, 2020, 04:00:55 PM 
Started by bitewerksMTB - Last post by Neithan
Neithan thanks fur posting link... wunderbar noise textures... really personally digging your Decaying Hope!  

thanks a lot for your words!

 on: October 18, 2020, 02:42:12 PM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by accidental
PGR / Merzbow / Asmus Tietchens - Grav (CD, 1991, Silent)
Easy to pick up cheap. I'm guessing that it was planned as an LP back in the 80's? It's two ~20 mins tracks from 1987-88. Akita recorded his part of metal works in 1987. It's the highlight of this disc for me. Sounds like metal works done in a huge room/space at times. Typical metal works of that time by Akita. Someone said that Akita often crushed his colleagues when he collaborated. This is not the case here. The final mix supposedly done by Tietchens is well done. If you're crazy about any of the players it's worth picking up, otherwise not so much.

Unfortunately the disc does not end there. At the end is a 20 min piece split into four done three years later by Cascone. Using source material from the other two players. You don't hear much of Merzbow on this. Only some electronic stuff that i find very boring. The first part could have been added as an epilogue but after that it goes downhill. This cut sounds completely different from the original material from '88. After multiple spins i'll stop this disc short after two tracks if i ever decide to play it again.

I havent heard anything else be Tietchens and PGR really. What does it sound like? Recommendations? I saw Tietchens live around 2004 i think, and i didn't like it. So i never bothered to check him out. But i guess his early stuff might be alot different? That last track from 1991  does not make me very curious about PGR. But the LP on RRR maybe is different? I haven't heard Thessalonians either...

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