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Title: luscoefusco13 releases
Post by: desolation path on July 04, 2019, 10:15:48 AM
Compilation of two EPs released in 2018 from Spanish producer Lusco e Fusco 13.

The first, Harsh Treatment, is an homage to the history and practice of the surgical procedure of autopsy.

4 Dead Tracks is a further exploration of death and desolation.

"Death is the main topic that drives me to weave sounds. Inspired by the memento mori and vanitas of the history of art to the current artistic manifestations and the work of coroners, I am constantly intrigued by the mysteries of death and the reasons that led the human being to act out through the centuries. Also I am interested in giving visual representation to the sounds using images extracted from medical documentaries and horror movies with the aim to find a better comprehension of what I trying to express in my tracks."