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Title: Xtematic/Arseny Litvin ‎– Not Physiological Sounds
Post by: Xtematic on May 01, 2019, 08:26:08 PM
New split with russian artist Arseny Litvin

Croatian-Siberian split. Almost 79 minutes of non-physiological sounds for destruction (by Xtematic's efforts) and alcoholing (by Arseny's efforts) your nerve endings.

Xtematic/Arseny Litvin ‎– Not Physiological Sounds

1. Xtematic - When we meet again (more heavy loss)
2. Xtematic - Inner seek for other value (Live at AK Galerija 27.05.2017.) 15:44
3. Xtematic - Crash of unseen (Reworked session 31.03.2015) 10:28
4. Arseny Litvin - Injection Of Fake Copper Intravenously 11:15
5. Arseny Litvin - Phantom Pain Trap 35:58

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Published by the Paper Moon Republic (PMR_29)
CD-R with printing on the surface, packed in paper envelope
15 numbered copies
Buy CD-R: papermoonrepublic@gmail.com