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EL-006: Inri 66 – Live 1985
- Working quietly in the small but productive industrial scene in Port Huron, Michigan circa early '80s, Steve Kish (AKA Inri (66)/Secret (66)) made several bedroom recordings beginning in high school in 1981, later collaborating with both John North Wright and Hunting Lodge in 1984 shortly before moving to San Francisco where he joined up with Port Huron area natives Jeff Hardman and Tom Nordstrom (and later sister Carla Nordstrom) and California native Ilsa Van Hook for a number of projects in a very brief but fruitful period of just under two years.

These recordings - two recently unearthed live sets from early 1985 in San Francisco - are the beginning of that period, and the last solo live sets by Kish to date.
Crude and minimal instrumentation turned into imaginative industrial/ritual compositions.

Side A: 02/23/1985 @ "Sound Of Music"
Side B: 05/25/1985 @ "Pleasuredome"
Bonus CDr: Original backing tape for 02/23/1985

60 minute tape + CDr, with button and print of flyer for one show  - all original art by Steve Kish copied in color.
Numbered edition of 30 copies.
https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/inri-66-live-1985-c60-cassette-cdr (https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/inri-66-live-1985-c60-cassette-cdr)

EL-008: V/A – Live Recorder Vol. Three 120 min. VHS
- Third VHS compilation of live recordings from around Michigan.
2 hours of footage dated 2014-2018 from:
Psy Three, Cotton Museum, Maximum Cloud, Legendary Assholes, Metal Dungeon, Witches Of Malibu, Dog Lady Island, Apetechnology + Tarpit, To Live And Shave In L.A., Sioban, Exhumed Corpse, Aaron Dilloway, and Ol Beast.
Xerox art/labeled tapes in a hard case - dubbed in SP mode in 1:1 real time. NTSC only.
Edition of 35 numbered copies.
https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/v-a-life-recorder-vol-3-120-min-vhs (https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/v-a-life-recorder-vol-3-120-min-vhs)

EL-009: Hideo Nomo – State For Laymen single-sided C28 cassette
- Re-discovered and re-mangled recordings of the Collino/Mitchell duo from the sessions that yielded the 777 Was 666 tape.
Double sided color art. Numbered edition of 23 copies.
https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/hideo-nomo-state-for-laymen-single-sided-c28-cassette (https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/hideo-nomo-state-for-laymen-single-sided-c28-cassette)

EL-010: Disintegrating Minds – An Acute Sickness 15 min. VHS
- 15 minute video art/manipulation of live and in-studio footage of Andrew Coltrane's solo synth unit.
Xerox art/labeled tapes in a hard case - dubbed in SP mode in 1:1 real time. NTSC only.
Edition of 25 numbered copies.
https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/disintegrating-minds-an-acute-sickness-15-min-vhs (https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/disintegrating-minds-an-acute-sickness-15-min-vhs)

EL-011: TVE – Smoking Big Killer C30 cassette
Tape regurgitation and musique concrete mastery from Seamus Williams. Double sided color art. Numbered edition of 33 copies.
https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/tve-smoking-big-killer-c30-cassette (https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/tve-smoking-big-killer-c30-cassette)

GR327 (Green Records And Tapes): Jeff Central & Pat Grafik – Stimulus & Response C60 cassette
 - Reissue of a compilation of early recordings by Port Huron, MI natives Jeff Central and Pat Grafik, recorded both in Michigan and in what would become Jeff's permament home of Columbus, Ohio. Great homemade industrial circa 1983-1985. Originally released by ITN/Exoteque.
Colors covers.
https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/jeff-central-pat-grafik-stimulus-response-c60-cassette (https://easylistening.bigcartel.com/product/jeff-central-pat-grafik-stimulus-response-c60-cassette)