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Title: Xiphoid Dementia/Bastard Noise - Human Extinction Engine LP
Post by: xdementia on March 01, 2019, 08:41:35 PM
*PURCHASE FROM THE SHOP HERE (http://existest.org/ee_v3/?page_id=9711)
*PURCHASE FROM THE SHOP HERE (http://existest.org/ee_v3/?page_id=9711)

Human Extinction Engine is a split record between the throttling yet textured death industrial of Xiphoid Dementia and the harsh space ambience of Bastard Noise. Conceptually both artists unite in seeing a world where humans slowly tighten the noose around their own neck through “advancement” and “industry”. Yet each artist reflects this concept in very different ways. On side A Xiphoid Dementia turns inward with cryptic spoken samples and delivers one track of pummeling industrial, one track of seething dark ambience, and concludes his piece with a martial industrial anthem. Where on side B Bastard Noise explodes outward with clear cut lyrics delivered with his token death growls on tracks that range from textured harsh noise, to cosmic ambience.