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PRO DUPLICATED CASSETTE / £10 (includes all fees + world postage)



Taking what would be described as 'pure noise wall' and adding a healthy dose of exceedingly grim industrial doom influence.Nihilistic.Anti-humanist.You are nothing.Fuck you.

Second Layer Records (UK) had this to say:
"C60 pro-duplicated cassette of 'pure noise wall' with a grim industrial doom influence. Hal Hutchinson project. A cut above 90% of HNW out there and recommended for fans of Richard Ramirez, The Rita, etc."


Execution Support Act is the truly nasty and unforgiving HNW project of London based noise head Hal Hutchinson. Like most HNW projects there’s an obsession linked to the project, and ESA obsession is various forms of capital punishment, human torture and Anti-humanist ideology.
Clearly with a title like “Nihilist Hatefuck” your expecting something deeply grim, punishing and violent and this C60 tape certainly mangers all of those words in spades. The stark black & white front sleeve picture features an assortment of various knifes or possible bullets( it’s difficult to tell which as the covers so murky). And inside the sleeve is white text on pitch black backing; with just the projects name, the releases title being listed along with the words “You Are nothing.” all of which nicely sets you up for the barren and painful sonic bleakness inside.

So onto the sonics themselves; on offer here are two side long, very brutal and unflinching slices of walled noise that have a doomed industrial vein running through them. The first untitled side finds a fast fading in and building rush of muffled, sludgy, blacked and murky noise judder which has a continuous hissing gas element over the top of it. The track stays pretty much fixed in the same ultra bleak and blackly numbing pattern for the rest of it's running time. To me the 'wall' very much brings to mind dank, pitch black prison corridors, gas execution rooms and piles of dead and decaying bodies….

Side twos ‘wall’ is based around a long, dark & caustic drone/ deep rumble that’s mixed with a distant juddering ‘n’ mechanical turning loop. And once again like the first side there a hissing element present (not sure if this is an error in the mastering or it should be there!?). Just like the first side the tone here is as black & hopeless as it can be, with the ‘wall’ staying locked & unforgiving through-out. To me this track brings to mind a vast rumbling and bleak slaughter house/ processing warehouse that deals with humans bodies instead of animals. When I shut my eyes I can almost see lines of bodies swinging by with meat hooks either in their mouth or through there shins....

“Nihilist Hatefuck” presents you with an hours worth of ultra bleak & black as tar wall-making with sludgy industrial/ doom under currents. So if you after truly spirit crushing and utterly hopeless HNW pick this up and lock into the unforgiving nihilism of it all.