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Title: A few Tapes/Vinyl/CDs/Misc - For Sale
Post by: vegasfountain on July 13, 2018, 07:49:49 PM
Located in US, would prefer to ship within US only. Shipping should be $3-5 depending on location and amount you're purchasing.

Just trying to declutter before moving / traveling in the coming months. PM me to purchase. If you wanna buy multiple items we can work out a deal.

I have strong Discogs seller feedback and can message you from my page on there if you'd like.


Various Auras - A Birds Eye View Into A Machievellian World of Secrecy (Hospital Productions) (Lussuria, Prurient, Kevin Drumm, etc.) $35
Ames Sanglantes - The Sum Of Your Disarray (Hospital Productions) $5
Climax Denial - One In The Chamber (Hospital Productions) $5
Hair Police - On Dark And Bloody Ground (Hospital Productions) $5
Natural Assembly - The Fantasy Of Love (Hospital Productions) $5
Filth Column - Filth Column (Pre-Release Edition) (Vrasubatlat) $5
Sheer Veil - Distant Companions (Casement Exchange) $5
Soren - Aimless, Nameless (Ascetic House) $5
Wince - Vasovagal Syncope (White Centipede Noise) $5
Pusdrainer - Humiliation Mask (Dead Gods) $5
Chainfight - 1992 (Dead Gods) $5
Plague Mother - No Balm In Gilead (Dead Gods) $5
Scant - Shivers (Dead Gods) $5
J.S. Aurelius - -165bdm_hz Electromagnetic Eavesdropped 1-d Signal (Dead Gods) $5
Various Artists - Combined Operations (Unseen Force) (Includes Striations, Gnawed, Purity of Essence, etc) $5
Michael Ellingford - A Tangled Web (Triangle) $5
Macronympha - Back In The Bedroom… Back Inside The Dungeon (Bacteria Field) $5
Soren - Aimless, Nameless (Ascetic House) $5
Ascetic Priest - Red Tape / Blue Tape (Ascetic House) $5
Body Stress / Yasuhito Fujinami - Her Weeping Echoes (New Forces) $5
Personnage 77 - Cock Museum (New Forces) $5
Soaplands - S/T (No Rent) $5
Skin Crime - Recycled (Free w/ purchase of other tapes)


Striations - To Know Mercy 2xLP (includes poster) (Breathing Problem Productions) - $20


Bloodyminded - Gift Givers (Bloodlust!) $5


Hospital Productions Logo shirt, Size L -  $15 (Worn once)
Hospital Productions Scissors Logo Pin - $5

Title: Re: A few Tapes/Vinyl/CDs/Misc - For Sale
Post by: sterilization on July 13, 2018, 09:15:55 PM
I think I pmd you but I can’t tell. It’s not showing up in my outbox.

Title: Re: A few Tapes/Vinyl/CDs/Misc - For Sale
Post by: PedestrianOrgans on July 14, 2018, 02:02:35 AM
Isn’t that a bit irksome when you forget to check the “save copy to outbox” button?

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