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Title: Wantlist: Lust Vessel, TF/PE
Post by: K.G on November 23, 2013, 02:57:38 PM
I am looking for the following releases!!!
If you are willing to part with any of those, please contact me, I am willing to pay or trade well.
I have put some items that I've for trade at the end of the post, but feel free to hit me up with your wantlist.


Agonal Lust ‎– Breathing Through Blood
Agonal Lust ‎– Hideous Salvation
Alfarmania ‎– At Sanatoriet
Alfarmania – Kodon
Alfarmania ‎– Detestabilis
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Kuristusote
Bizarre Uproar ‎– Teurasjäte
Caucasian Colony ‎– A Modern Slavery
Coma Detox ‎– Concussed & Asphyxiated
Coma Detox ‎– Volatile Debasement
Country Club ‎– Siege Mentality
Disgusting Sanctum ‎– Severe Fetal Abuse
Disgusting Sanctum ‎– Pathology Of Abuse
Gaze Campaign ‎– Gestalt Bruise
Geography Of Hell ‎– Tchernobyl 1986
Karasyozoku ‎– Mischievous Sigyn 1923
Koufar ‎– Minority Report
Koufar ‎– The Death Of Myself
Lebensfaden ‎– Die Vollendete Schönheit
Lebensfaden ‎– Besessenheit
Lebensfaden ‎– Reinheit
Lebensfaden ‎– Eine Sättigung Der Leere
Lebensfaden ‎– Desnos
Liver Mortis ‎– Pleasure Ground / Master Coming
Liver Mortis ‎– The Ideal Pain-Forms
Liver Mortis ‎– The Crimes They Ask For
Liver Mortis ‎– Cut-Rate
Pleasure Fluids ‎– Paraesthesia Of Sexual Feeling
Pleasure Fluids ‎– Amateur Pornography
Pleasure Fluids ‎– Scenes Of Consequence
Pleasure Fluids ‎– Show No Mercy
Rhizome Angle Naked Coda ‎– Meteor Bones' Carnival
Strict ‎– Impulsion
Swollen Korps. ‎– Erect In Blood
Swollen Korps. ‎– Better To Destroy A Child Than Repair A Man
Tongue Knax ‎– Sacrosanct Pearl Skin
Tongue Knax ‎– Venus
Wintheer ‎– Out Of
Various ‎– Pundartugg - Argot Bruit
Various ‎– Piller Thriller


Alfarmania / Ättestupa ‎– Stenstans Fördärv / Mitt Blod, Min Kropp
Ättestupa ‎– Ättestupa
Bizarre Uproar / Deathkey - Split, Art Edition
LR ‎– Brother
Sophia ‎– Deconstruction Of The World
STAB Electronics ‎– The Non Alliant I
Taint ‎– Indecent Liberties
Taint ‎– Daughter: Victimology 2
Taint ‎– Misogynist Lust
Taint ‎– Vice


Cruelty Campaign - Distressed Signals
John Lemke - Walizka
Tenhi - Hallavedet
Xenophobic Ejaculation - Purity Through Fire

Aga Wilk / Marburg - Split
Alex York / Sunken Cheek - Split
Barrikad - Through The Voice One Becomes Animal
Bizarre Uproar - Perverse Bizarre Humiliation
Black Leather Jesus - H_____it s
Black Leather Jesus - Psycho Sexual Mating
Border Force - Human Resources
Broken Lights / Puce Mary - Under Bron, Stockholm 2014.02.26
Claudia ‎– Soundtrack To A Better You
Croatian Amor & Lust For Youth - Pomegranate
Contour - Year of the Hunter
Ev of Isis - Dark Ambition
Grunt - Dance for the Genocide
Hvide Nætter - Massernes Fremdrift
Iceage - Live, April Fools Day | Tempe, AZ
Internazionale - Elegy for the Victors
Internazionale - Wreaths of life
Joel Danielsson - The Death of the Grey Wolf / Resurrection of the King
Kontinent - Stasis
Marrow Mandler - Escapist Grounds
Microsleep - Gemtactics
Molester Surprise Group - Molester Surprise Group
Murder Cult - The Bridge (Strange Rules press)
N. - Resignation
Plagues - Vintern Var Hård
Puce Mary - Piss Flowers
Puce Mary - The Viewer
RxAxPxE - RxAxPxE
SSRI - Circle of Positivity
Streiber - Operation Snow White (1st press)
Swarm Survival - Entropy
Umpio - Loinen
Umpio - Opium Electronics
Unusual Affairs - Hooded Remains
Unwilling - Dumped Into The Stream
Visceral Reply - Visceral Reply
Vomir - Untitled (Total Black 13)
Xenophobic Ejaculation - Xenophobic Ejaculation (2nd press)
Xenophobic Ejaculation - Vala
Yen Towers - Safety
Zyklon SS - Anti Personnel Explosive Device
Various Artists - Brazil
Various Artists - Hold Tight

Age Coin - Perceptions
Arv & Miljö - Kropp
Basic House - Oats
Berliner 6 Bahn - Dark Nights Compilation Volume: One
Bizarre Uproar - Vihameditaatio
Blodvite - Dekonstruktioner
Carlos Cipa - The Monarch And The Viceroy (Silver press)
Climax Denial - In The Absence Of Self-Control
Dead Boomers  - The Pig In The Python
F. E. Denning - Cities Of Light
Forza Albino - Infestation
Forza Albino - Black Dog
Jason Crumer - Ottoman Black
Kevin Drumm - Imperial Distortion (Green press)
Lust for Youth - Saluting Rome
Mischa Pavlovski - Kapitel
Ochu - Tvärsnitt
Opéra Mort - Dédales
Piano Interrupted - Two By Four (White press)
Piano Interrupted - The Unified Field (Blue press)
Puce Mary - Persona
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement    Black Magic Cannot Cross Water
Ramleh - Grudge For Life
Ron Morelli - Spit (Initial red copies)
Ultra Fuck - Sex At The Maly Trostenets
Vatican Shadow - Remember Your Black Day (Blue press)
War - More Days
White Void - We're Falling
Xenophobic Ejaculation - SS-Division Wiking / Tampere Skinheads 1983
Zyklon SS - Racial Superiority
Various - Dokument #1

Aaron Dilloway And Jason Crumer / Gene Pick - Untitled
Bizarre Uproar / Sonnenrad - Split
Händer Som Vårdar / Megan - Split
Sick Seed - Man And Machine
Sick Seed - Helsingin Synagogat
Sunken Cheek - Prince of Mind b/w Husk

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Post by: pink_eye on May 01, 2019, 10:08:54 PM
Sent you a message.

Title: Re: Wantlist: Lust Vessel, TF/PE
Post by: K.G on May 18, 2019, 11:59:09 AM
Some found!

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Some found, but still a lot to be find!!