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Title: T × R × P at Nordic Audio Modern, May 12th 2012
Post by: T × R × P on May 11, 2012, 04:18:53 PM

lineup (http://www.nordicaudiomodern.org/nam2012/)

Title: Re: T × R × P at Nordic Audio Modern, May 12th 2012
Post by: Levas on May 12, 2012, 10:05:08 AM
First day.
Oro!Oro! - Guy behind part of Budrus, Girnu Giesmes, etc. very nice intro into the gig. somewhat muddy and moody, slightly melancholic drone/ambient

Land:Fire - after their last performance in Lithuania I went and bought their CD. Yesterday I was questioning why I've done that and couldn't find answer. Video - collection of boring cliches - flying words like "democracy - global - threat" etc. and two guys playing from Bad-Sectoresque sounds to something rhythmic to something else. Sounds were not that bad, but you had to close your eyes and not see the video and what's happening on stage

Circular - dark-ambient-according-to-the-manual-of-how-dark-ambient-should-be-made. It became boring pretty soon so I spent my time thinking whether the guy who was playing is beautiful to women or not and if so, why and other interesting things.

Fjernlys - these things that me personally can barely stand so I cannot be objective. Dudes with computer and spoken or sung words with slight pathos, modest movement on the stage and so on. slightly theatrical something. Worst of the evening.

Inade - it was very good and solid ambient/industrial. best of the evening.

Exchanged herbst9 into bed. five hours of ambient was more than enough for my tiny, limited brains.

This evening should be much more interesting I think

edit: ok. it seems that herbst9 was the last and not inade. so Inade was truly good. when there are so many macbooks on the stage I don't quite know who is the owner of what

Title: Re: T × R × P at Nordic Audio Modern, May 12th 2012
Post by: Levas on May 13, 2012, 10:37:02 AM
ok. second day. much better than the first one.

Maldur Atai - the first performance live of this project. Sound was truly good. Vocals ruined more or less everything whenever Lash started to sing and it seems that sound goes its own way and the vocals are something on top just for the sake of it. Also couldn't understand the idea behind dresscode, with all these dark glasses and so on it seemed like a group of bussinessmen on holiday. maybe that was the idea. but the sound was very nice dark industrial, visualisations - all kinds of religious stuff like rituals, burning monk of Tibet, crosses etc. whatever. as for the first show - not that bad.

Ex.Order - far too long and far too boring. for the first time i saw how tablet pc is used on stage. i was fascinated how light and awesome is the computer. the video - neverending speculation about politics, WW2 etc. it would be ok if the performance would be 20% of what they played. disappointing.

Deutch Nepal - the best. absolutely. of all two days. most of these songs were Lina's hits. he was as always drunk and charismatic. these sound glitches and errors that were so noticeable during the first two bands, in here seemed like a part of performance. and though most of Lithuanians said that they already saw Deutch Nepal more times than their own penises, but it is always very nice to see and experience him live.

Trepaneringsritualen - the guy helped Lina in Deutch Nepal with bass guitar and now it was his solo. If I understood correctly it was mainly DJ'ing and VJ'ing. nice video, quite theatrical performance. Somehow reminded me of The Vomit Arsonist's later albums. not aggressive, but leaning towards the darker side.

In Slaughter Natives - together with Fjernlys they could tour the world as the most boring bands that could be liked by goths and emos. Nothing more to say about it.

Survival Unit - it was good. maybe too much alcohol took its toll too, but it was good and it was nice to see Christian again on stage. Though there were quite a lot of people who were disappointed, but from what I've understood, many of them came there thinking that when Survival Unit starts, it will be something like Jesus, Superman and Obama with lasers and explosions and it will be something very very unique and powerful and so on. but it was good.

To summarize this - not a bad festival with couple of bands that were worth seeing live and others - well, ok. i'll mark a plus next to them.
the place of the gig - fail. you see videos of war, diversity etc. played by guys with expensive computers and the bar is all made of shining Tuborg bottles. Whatever.
there were 100-200 people I think. not bad. though I thought that all these big names will attract more of them. decent fest and nice weekend.