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Title: Stormhat - "Turned On" OUT NOW!
Post by: Twilight Luggage on November 21, 2011, 09:35:32 PM

With "Turned On" Danish sound artist Stormhat serves up a collection of
exquisitely contructed sonic textures. Stormhat uses a finely tuned blend
of field recordings, noises, rudimentary instruments, radio and noise
generators that gives the listener a very vivid sense of space; of actually
being situated among the sources of sound. The extensive use of field
recordings enhance this effect by constantly placing you among elements
that are familiar, but still somehow twisted and distorted.

"Turned On" is like experiencing the world through a stranger, some of the time
maybe even like having been shifted to a parallel universe. It's a world you almost
know, which at times makes it an unsettling and confusing experience, but also one
filled with moments of surprise and beauty.

Check out one of the tracks HERE (http://twilightluggage.bandcamp.com/album/turned-on).

Download the whole album for free, or buy the CD-R HERE (http://twilightluggage.com/rel/TLMP53).