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Title: V/A "The Report From Distant Lands " 3 x tape C-90 on Impulsy Stetoskopu out now
Post by: ImpulsyStetoskopu on November 13, 2011, 12:41:32 PM
Tired of the same artists from the US, UK or Germany? Annoyed with their "star" status, which wore off a long time ago, but their cheek still manages to convince cynical labels to invest in releasing their pathetic, laptop-sterile, pointless and unwanted works? Do you want to leave all of that behind and once again experience that unforgettable tingle down your spine when overwhelmed by new music for the first time? Do you want to venture out onto unchartered territories, with no maps and guides to lead you? IMPULSY STETOSKOPU wish to provide an opportunity for you to do that with a series entitled The Report From Distant Lands. Its first installment will aim to map out Russia and her obscure (or completely unknown) artists. You're not likely to hear there anything radically surprising but you're sure to encounter passion and sincerity of young people who make the best of their talents and haven't become indolent. "Come and listen…"


‎The first part of serie. Limited edition of 100 copies. 3 x C-90 housed in 3-way box. From electroacoustic, ambient, to noise, power electronics. Price: 15 Eu

More details: http://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Report-From-Distant-Lands/release/3223213