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Title: Punktieren - "Wear A Mask" out now!
Post by: Twilight Luggage on November 07, 2011, 06:21:41 PM

Sitting in a dark room, surrounded by dead electronics. Then, a blink of light.
Sparks. Static. Circuitry coming to life, revived by an unknown source of energy.
Static becoming signals, jumbled fragments of messages. Something, someone, is out
there, is in here. Enticing, threatening, irresistable. Paralyzed by the indefinite
threat, but even more scared to miss a single moment.

St. Petersburg duo Punktieren (Dmitriy Krotevich and Ilia Belorukov) use portable
devices to create their unique brand of electroacoustics. Wear A Mask is a mesmerizing
collection of sounds, and we are very happy to have been given the opportunity to
present it to you all. Enjoy!

Check out one of the tracks HERE (http://twilightluggage.bandcamp.com/album/wear-a-mask).

Download the whole album for free, or buy the CD-R HERE (http://twilightluggage.com/rel/TLMP52).