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Title: out now!!! on DOKURO
Post by: DOKURO on September 02, 2011, 11:48:10 PM
Hey everybody!!
I'm happy to announce
three new DOKURO's releases:


DK031 Mark Bradley - Sustain/Release (CDr) (http://www.dokuro.it/dk031.html)
A sonic experience that grab the listener into a dream state of mind, 
minimal synths,  electric shores, evaporating pulses and mellifluos drones 
drapes subconcscious voices transmitted from other dimensions.


DK030 Patrizia Oliva - Live @ Fluc, Wien (3"CDr) (http://www.dokuro.it/dk030.html)
Voice loops are sampled in real time, layered and counter-pointed. 
Beutiful vocalizes and breaths  are mixed  with rhythmically squeals and gurgles
in a sort of mantra  flow that links  reminiscences of ritual  and avantgarde music 
to noise immediately approach.


DK029 Paints of Anima - Moon Worship (CDr) (http://www.dokuro.it/dk029.html)
Builted processing and manipulating  female vocals, the result are two reboant
and trance-inducing pieces. The dynamic of the tracks drift  from bleak and obscure
points  to more saturated and loud peaks ,  repetitive progress close to a mystical
catatonic experience.

For more info and sound samples, please check:

 >>>>> still available!!
DK027 Dao De Noize - NM III (http://www.dokuro.it/dk027.html)
DK026 Humans Fuck Off (http://www.dokuro.it/dk026.html)
DK025 Antony Milton - Pucullpa to Iquitos riverboat pop manglings (http://www.dokuro.it/dk025.html)
DK023 Death in Death Valley (http://www.dokuro.it/dk023.html)
DK022 Aspec(t) - Skinless (http://www.dokuro.it/dk022.html)
DK021 Wäldchengarten - Bottom feeder (http://www.dokuro.it/dk021.html)
DK011 Kam Hassah - This forest (http://www.dokuro.it/dk011.html)

thank you